Your Daily Muslim: Hajjaj Saadi

Hajjaj Saadi, just hanging out

Hajjaj Saadi, just hanging out

Egyptian Muslim Hajjaj Saadi had a problem. He was a devout follower of the prophet Muhammad, pigs be upon him, and tried to follow his prophet’s example. Of course, that example involved molesting children – Muhammad married a 6-year-old and molested her when she was 9. Saadi traveled to Kuwait and began a spree of violation few can rival.

Not caring if his victims were male or female, Saadi lured young boys and girls to rooftops and molested them there, out of sight. It is unknown how he lured them. All 18 of his victims were age 10 or under. After traumatizing 18 children, he was captured, and was dubbed the “Hawalli Beast” after the neighborhood in which the rapes occurred.

Unlike the complicated extradition process that happens with most foreign nationals, Egypt wanted nothing to do with the sadistic Saadi. They left him to hang – literally. He was hanged for his crimes this past week.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Hajjaj Saadi

  1. Should happen to all those pricks…..I congratulate Egypt for their handling of sadistic pedophiles like him.


  2. If somebody had done that to muhamhead they could have saved an awful lot of trouble for the future world.

  3. There’s another Muslim pig roasting in hell tonight. A fitting end.

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