Your Daily Muslim: Bilal Mohammed

Bilal Mohammed

Bilal Mohammed

Some people don’t realize when they’re making an ass out of themselves, like Joe Biden whenever he opens his mouth. New York Muslim Bilal Mohammed is one of those people. Recently on Facebook, he joined a discussion of the Holocaust. It didn’t end well for him when he expressed his views. Here’s the screenshot:

bilal mohammed a

Yep, he denied the gravity and extent of the Holocaust and treated it as propaganda. Only an uneducated, ignorant idiot would do that – however, Islam thrives on converting uneducated, ignorant idiots like Mohammed.

After that post, Mohammed got noticed by Malek Asad and Amir Hossein Raisolsadat, who recently put a large bounty on my head. Mohammed was invited to join their Facebook group, which mainly consists of sock (fake) accounts of Asad’s, like “Hannah Adel.” Notorious counterjihad-page troll Master Samer is a member as well.

Despite living in the US, clearly Mohammed has no respect for the freedoms it offers. On his profile, he answered the question “If you had to choose to give up either your penis or your eyes, which would you choose?” – he chose to give up his eyes. Clearly he’s quite the horny dude. Sadly, this may result in him having children and indoctrinating them with his savage anti-Semitic, anti-western views.

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