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Your Daily Muslim: Ali Hussein

Ali Hussein

Ali Hussein

Kenyan sheikh Ali Hussein is the head of the Council of Imams and Preachers, a prominent Islamic organization in Kenya. He’s also a bad, bad person who fails at everything aside from being a colossal asshole. He even fails at being a Muslim, which is his career – Qur’an 5:51, 5:80, etc. command Muslims not to befriend unbelievers, but Hussein did exactly that when confronted with a greater menace: the evil homosexuals.

Apparently the diabolically fabulous homosexual menace is a major threat to uptight religious folks everywhere in Kenya, so Hussein and local Christian leaders united to speak out against gays. Hussein told his followers that homosexuality is a “sin… punishable by death.” The Christian leaders he united with did not agree with the cruel Islamic punishment, which was ordered by Muhammad (pigs be upon him) himself. That’s because the teachings of new-Testament-based Christianity are largely peaceful, unlike those of the religion of peace.

Hussein gave a press conference in which he spoke out against all homosexual unions. He claimed that he and other religious leaders would not allow any gay partnership ceremonies to occur. Kenyan gays have become worried about the rising tide of Islamist fervor, fearing increasing violence. Gay men and women have experienced public attacks in the past few years, and hate preachers like Hussein only stoke the flames of intolerance.

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