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Your Daily Muslim: Yousuf al-Badri (Part 2)

Yousuf al-Badri

Yousuf al-Badri

Egyptian Islamic cleric Yousuf al-Badri, best known for his Santa Claus impersonation, has been up to no good since he was originally featured on YDM. Being the attention whore he is, he’s given interviews regarding Islamic teachings and rulings of Islamic jurisprudence on numerous television programs. Here are some of the most absurd and outrageous things he’s said since my first piece on him was published.

In an interview, al-Badri stated: “[Female] circumcision is ordered of Allah… Allah give [sic] us some orders but we cannot understand the wisdom of it.” He’s saying that people should allow themselves to be harmed without medical justification – and that such harm is morally right. Actually, that sounds like violence against women to me, and is also completely illogical. Thankfully, the interviewer countered, asking “why would Allah design man a certain way if an operation was required?” al-Badri could not respond coherently, and not due to his broken English: “I cannot ask Allah, but I am his servant, I should obey.” Just goes to show how far gone many Muslims are psychologically… they are taught to obey, never to question or analyze. This, in turn, has created the horde of fanatical idiots that make up Islam’s ummah, or spiritual body, today.

“This make the girl control her common sense about sex because the woman is quickly feel sex before man.” Grammatical errors aside, why should women have to control their sexuality but men not? Why must women cover themselves so men don’t rape them? Why is the woman always marginalized in Islam? Oh wait, it’s because the Qur’an was written by violent, misogynistic men who wanted to control women.

“If we make an Islamic circumcision, it will control her… need for man.” No, it will simply scar her and prevent her from fully enjoying an amazing natural experience. By that logic, should men have part of their dicks chopped off so they don’t feel a need for women? I doubt any Muslim man would say yes to that. “Allah controlled [sexual urges] with marriage.” I’m practically married and lemme tell ya, that ain’t the case. al-Badri is wrong yet again.

In another televised interview, he demanded that the female interviewer wear a veil, but only while he was on the air with her so as to give a more hard-line appearance. When she took it off and called him on his act, he threatened to sue the station he was being interviewed by – after having taken the station’s money to be interviewed as an authority on Islamic jurisprudence. he also filed suit against another TV station for unknown reasons. From where I’m sitting, he’s better acquainted with the Ferengi rules of acquisition than with the Qur’an, which instructs men to lower their gaze around women and vice versa. al-Badri did no such thing during the interview.

Also, watch this video and behold al-Badri’s utter bewilderment.

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