Your Daily Muslim: Afazuddin Ali

I'm guessing incest was responsible for producing someone as criminally dumb as Afazuddin Ali.

Braindead much?

Muslims don’t realize that Muhammad (pigs be upon him) is not a role model. Take, for example, the case of Indian Muslim Afazuddin Ali. He did as Muhammad did and married multiple wives – one of which was his own daughter. Despite his polygamy, even Muhammad didn’t sink to such depths of incestuous depravity.

Ali claimed that Allah had divinely ordained the marriage between him and his own daughter, who was 15. Ali had molested and impregnated her, and had talked to his local sheikh about performing the wedding. However, locals had a modicum of common sense and wouldn’t have any of it. The town rose up and nearly lynched Ali for the obvious child abuse he was engaging in.

Ali’s wife, Sakina, is either clearly brainwashed and/or has no moral compass. Actually, considering that she is a Muslim, it’s reasonable to assume both. “[Ali] is a deeply religious man and will never lie in the name of Allah,” she said, when asked to testify about her marriage. “I agreed to his marriage with our eldest daughter when he invoked divine sanction.” So if he invoked divine sanction to kill you, would you agree with it? Stupid, deluded woman. She’s probably been victimized by her husband just as her daughter was.

Ali had to flee his village because he had drawn ire from the local villagers. He and his “wives” are now living elsewhere, where they will not be targeted for their gross and absurd familial relations. …and you thought the Lannisters were bad.

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  2. Death is too good for him.

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