Your Daily Muslim: Naeem Naguthney

He should be wearing an orange jumpsuit, not carrying a badge

He should be wearing an orange jumpsuit, not carrying a badge

When Muslims become involved in law enforcement, it doesn’t take long for them to figure out they can use their career as a means of a different kind of law enforcement – sharia, to be exact. UK Muslim cop Naeem Naguthney did exactly that.

Naguthney is a respected cop and is a member of the National Association of Muslim Police. Whether or not that organization is a front for Muslim Patrol is unknown. Anyway, one day, Naguthney was walking through the Muslim-infested Alum Rock area of Birmingham when he stumbled upon two Christian preachers proselytizing to a group of young Muslims. Of course, being Muslims, the youths were disgruntled, but were surprisingly nonviolent toward the Christians. Enter Naguthney. Upon seeing the Christians, he felt it was his duty to remove them from the “Muslim area,” and told them so. He accused the Christians of a hate crime – for preaching the Bible. He then threatened to have them arrested simply for being outspokenly Christian in an outspokenly Islamic part of town.

Here’s the most messed-up part – Naguthney has delivered Qur’an readings at numerous law enforcement ceremonies, and yet he doesn’t perceive that as being a hate crime despite the countless verses of violence against non-Muslims in that book. Naguthney isn’t even a full cop either – just a community support officer. However, he obviously feels the combination of his title and the Qur’an give him the authority to push Christians around.

Naguthney was lectured by his supervisor about proper tone when speaking, and the definition of a hate crime. He was not formally punished. The more Muslims like Naguthney that get involved in law enforcement, the more stories like this we’ll be hearing. And sometimes it will end even worse for the Christians.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Naeem Naguthney

  1. Not formally punished = protected by Pee Cee / Multiculti bureaucrats. The fish rots from the head.

  2. He was later Jailed for conning two women out of nearly £8,000 by lying to them that he was in debt.


  3. I have my sources. I blog what I can. have a look at http://theconservativebroadcast.wordpress.com/ If I catch any stories they usually go there

  4. Well, so it begins!

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