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Your Daily Muslim: Abu Muwahhid (Part 4)


The saga of activist preacher Abu Muwahhid, real name Shah Jalal Hussain, never seems to end. Having been born in Britain, he can’t simply be deported back to Muzzistan, though such an outcome would be unlikely given the situation of hate cleric Abu Qatada.

As of part 3, Muwahhid was behind bars for dissemination of material that glorified terror. Since the publication of that piece, his case has been merged with that of his fellow Quranimal Abu Nusaybah (real name Abdullah Ibrahim Hassan.) #FreeAbuMuwahhid has been spreading, with all sorts of crazy Muslims foaming against the “kuffar” trying to “persecute” their “brother.” Well, their “brother” has a rap sheet and should be locked up for good. Here goes:

In 2008, Muwahhid was jailed for two years for raising money to send to terrorists in Iraq. While the jury was deliberating during his trial, he had the brilliant idea to disappear to try to avoid jail. Realizing he couldn’t evade justice forever, he turned himself in ten days later, which didn’t earn him any leniency from the court.

Very shortly after his release, Muwahhid got extremely lucky and barely avoided being charged with inciting terror when he gave a speech in a UK mosque which was posted on a jihadi site. In the video, he insults “fake jihadis” who don’t properly prepare for violence. “Jihad training is shooting, learning to fire a gun. Going to the gym or running around Hyde Park five times — it is not jihad training. It is called fitness training.” Whenever a Muslim tries to engage in kitman (lying by omission) by saying jihad is only an inner spiritual struggle, remember that quote. Muwahhid spends his life studying Islamic texts, and many of the world’s leading Islamic scholars are in agreement with him about the nature of jihad.

If Muwahhid gets away with glorifying or inciting terror this time around, there should be outrage. We should ensure that every British citizen knows about such miscarriages of justice committed to appease rabid Islamists.

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