Your Daily Muslim: Chep Hernawan

Chep Hernawan

Chep Hernawan. He believes there’s a western conspiracy at work to “Christianize” Islamic Indonesia.

“[An Indonesian general] told me that we should keep fighting jihad, we should not back down so the liar [Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono] can be toppled.”

Chep Hernawan of Indonesia’s Islamic Reform Movement and an Islamist group called Garis is one truly confused man who lacks self-control. His positions seem to go back and forth more than those of failed American politician John Kerry, but deep down he knows where he stands. Take, for example, his stance on the cause of jihad. In 2011, Hernawan was one of many Islamic leaders who worked with police to try to put a stop to the rampant jihad bombings across Indonesia. Yet in 2013, guess what he did.

If you guessed he’d make bomb threats, you’d be correct. When the 2013 Miss World pageant was announced to be held in Indonesia, Hernawan and many other crazy Muslims excoriated the event and its organizers, claiming the event went against the principles of Islam. Why? Because it featured women in states of partial undress.

After numerous threats (including bomb threats) were made by Muslims in groups like Hernawan’s Garis group, the bikini portion of the competition was cancelled. However, that wasn’t enough for Hernawan. Any trace of an unclothed woman would lead him to fitna (crisis or conflict of faith), since he never learned how to keep it in his pants and respect women. So, he made another thinly-veiled bomb threat: “We will disband the event, nicely at first or with force if they insist. You can elaborate that statement yourself.”

Elaborate on “disband something by force”… coming from a Muslim… hmm. I wonder if that could be referencing anything explosive, like the theme song of Islam, Ke$ha’s “Blow.” Hernawan continued: “The Miss World pageant… will affect the future generation, their morality and characters will be destroyed.” To a radical Islamist like Hernawan, somehow sharia-compliant child-marriage is less damaging to morality than an exposed midriff. Just goes to show how completely incompatible Islamic values are with ours in the west.

“The committee of this pageant should not force their will on us, because if they do, they will experience losses, material losses and other losses.” This is coming from someone who vowed to help stop jihad bombings only two years earlier. I’m guessing his earlier statement may have been an attempt at taqiyya, or Islam-approved deception, to improve the image of Islam. It’s quite possible he’ll say that his comments were misunderstood in the near future and pretend to be peaceful again, but his true jihadist colors have shown through.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Chep Hernawan

  1. Well one thing’s for sure-you’ll never run out of blog posts. Only 1.434567 billion to go!

    • Yeah – though I do appreciate having an endless stream of content, it’s sad because that means more people are getting oppressed and butchered

  2. Oorah. 😉

  3. […] Muslims because it involved a bikini contest. The bikini contest was cancelled this year due to threats from crazy Islamists, many of whom staged protests against the event. However, even without the bikini contest, Miss […]

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