Your Daily Muslim: Jamaal Uddin (Part 2) (Daily Double)

Jamaal Uddin properly demonstrating the trademark Muslim finger-point

Jamaal Uddin properly demonstrating the trademark Muslim finger-point

Infamous ginger Muslim convert Jamaal Uddin, real name Jordan Horner, has gotten into some trouble he might not be able to get himself out of this time. He’s had run-ins with the law before. The first instance was when he took part in pro-sharia rallies and posted “sharia-controlled zone” fliers condemning music and pornography around London, and the second was when he was seen with a few other Muslims “behaving suspiciously” in a boat outside the 2012 London Olympics. This time, however, is different – Uddin got violent.

Uddin assaulted a photographer, probably he thought was looking to snap a few images of him – this may or may not have been the case as Uddin’s waistline is gargantuan and was probably in the way of whatever the photographer was actually trying to capture. Uddin, filled with rage, also vandalized a car. He has been sentenced to six weeks in jail for his crimes.

The penal system is notorious for the spread of radical Islam among inmates since Muslims always get arrested for engaging in traditional Islamic acts like funding terrorism and making death threats. Many, like Abu Muwahhid, engage in da’wah (Islamic evangelism), behind bars, and convert the scum of society into the blindly zealous scum of society. They probably also enjoy the chance to bend over in front of their fellow Muslims in a way other than they do at the mosque, where they are in plain view. Uddin’s prison stay is likely to be rough for him, as he has earned quite a reputation among non-Muslims as being a psychological primitive.

Uddin stated: “I have deleted [my old friends’] numbers from my phone and want nothing to do with them. As Muslims you can’t integrate with non-believers because their way of life is completely opposite – I would rather give up my friends and family than give up on Allah.” Apparently his imaginary friend means more to him than real people. Sounds kinda sociopathic and schizophrenic to me. Honestly, I have no idea why Uddin is a Muslim; he’s a ginger and thus has no soul – why is he concerned about the afterlife?!

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Jamaal Uddin (Part 2) (Daily Double)

  1. I know his mother Sheila and his sister Michelle very well and they’re nothing like this muppet. Not sure where he went wrong in his life but at least he’s done them a favour by disowning his family.

  2. […] Last time we saw soulless (ginger) Muslim convert Jamaal Uddin, real name Jordan Horner, he had just been arrested for assaulting a photographer. Now, new details have emerged of the ginger’s misbehavior. Uddin, like many other Muslims, is generally angry and up to no good. Thus he was a natural fit for Muslim Patrol, a group of Islamic vigilantes who engaged in such jolly activities as slapping people’s alcoholic drinks out of their hands while walking down the street because they were in a “Muslim area.” The goal of Muslim Patrol was to enforce sharia on the streets of London, which meant ridiculing women for not covering themselves, insulting homosexuals, assaulting people, and threatening to stab them. But remember, it’s the religion of peace that has a “proud tradition of tolerance,” as Barack Hussein Obama says. […]

  3. Stop calling him Jamaaal Uddddin or whatever else he would like to be called. He is properly know as Jordan Horner, or, as a lot of us who actually know him, that naughty little ginger prick who needs a good slap.

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