Your Daily Muslim: Mazanah Mohammad Zain

Not a ghost.

Not a ghost.

Do not criticize Islam or Muhammad, pigs be upon him. That’s one of the cardinal rules of Islam, which extends even to non-Muslims and is enforced by both Muslims and their leftist appeaser (dhimmi) allies. Malay Muslim Mazanah Mohammad Zain has made it her life’s work to attempt to suppress criticism of Islam.

Zain is the chairperson of a chapter of the Ushanita Association, a group of female entrepreneurs. She isn’t using her position to fight for the right to take off her ridiculous bedsheet outfit – instead, she’s calling for anti-Islamic bloggers to be punished for mocking Islam by calling pork “delicious” and posting a halal logo next to it. Muslims cannot eat pork since they see it as haram, or forbidden. Zain commented: “I am angry as they are disrespect Islam as the official religion in Malaysia and the Muslims. We need to seriously look into this issue and I hope that the authorities will take immediate action on the matter.” She then called upon the Malaysian Multimedia and Communications Commission to attempt to punish the couple that posted the “offensive” image. Like the liberals we have here in the west, Zain tried to play the race card, saying the image attacked people of “other races.” Uhh, what race is Islam?

Speaking of eating lots of pork, I have no idea how else Zain could have gotten to be the shape she is. Seriously, those aren’t wrinkles on her face, they’re folds. Honestly, it’s quite possible she’s only going after the couple because she’s jealous the girl is much younger and prettier than she is. Her Facebook lists her as an employee of a cosmetic company. Here’s why that’s funny – 1) many Muslim clerics and scholars claim it is haram for a woman to wear too much makeup; and 2) no amount of makeup could salvage her wrecked face, let’s be honest here.

Here’s the picture that caused all the controversy:


3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mazanah Mohammad Zain

  1. I love pork an hate muslims

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