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Your Daily Muslim: Jannyce Nawal Aium

That watch is atrocious

That watch is atrocious

“When two people fall in love, that is indeed a disease, and the cure for that disease is marriage.”

Kenyan Muslim Jannyce Nawal Aium shared that quote from Islamic author Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (not to be confused with Jaws) on her Facebook timeline. She spends a lot of time on Facebook, primarily spreading messages of the depravity of Islam. Seriously, love can happen without marriage and it’s still a great thing… of course, sexually-repressive Islam would disagree but that’s because it doesn’t allow its followers to enjoy themselves.

“My life is so fragile in fact very fragile I handle it only with prayer.” Aium clearly has self-esteem issues – she wears the traditional Islamic ninja costume since she is afraid of being called out for being uggo. Based on that quote, she’s also so spineless that she can’t resolve her own problems or make her own decisions, so she turns to her invisible imaginary friend when she is in need. Though she is generally a very weak person with little will of her own, one fateful day in July 2013, Aium was sent over the edge by something she saw on Facebook.

Aium found the page facts on Islam Muslims don’t want you to know about and promptly proceeded to flip shiite – the page exposes inaccuracies in the Qur’an, as well as the immoral teachings of Islam. Aium raged (grammar has been corrected): “Fuck you, silly warthog! YOU WANT AN ARGUMENT, DON’T DARE ATTACK MY BELOVED PROPHET MUHHAMMAD(SAW)! fuck your small arse idiot never attack RASULULLAH[Muhammad](SAW) or I guarantee you destruction… shut your hole in the face bitch. KEEP OFF!” Wow. That was sure peaceful. Islam is definitely the religion of peace if it inspires that from its followers. And why would she say “fuck your small arse”? isn’t anal sex haram (forbidden) in Islam? I think Aium might have let out a Freudian slip about one of her kinks…

Aium’s Facebook also has images that praise women who wear the Islamic ninja costume, calling them “modest.” Uhh, there’s a difference between modesty and oppression through shame. Modesty is not wearing see-through clothes or the like. The Islamic ninja costume was designed to oppress women, to make them faceless. It has nothing to do with modesty and everything to do with male domination and subjugation of women.

If you are an admin of a counterjihad page on Facebook and you encounter Aium, just ban her. Trying to debate with such a rabid, foaming person is fruitless.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Jannyce Nawal Aium

  1. […] Last time Kenyan Muslimah Jannyce Nawal Aium was on here, she was raging about how falling in love is haram (forbidden) in Islam before going off the rails attacking counterjihad pages. Since then, Aium’s hatred of love has only grown as the realization she will be a bitter old spinster has dawned on her. Maybe her inability to meet a good man has something to do with that ridiculous ninja costume she’s wearing. Just saying, Jannyce, no one wants to marry someone who looks like a Dementor. […]

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