Your Daily Muslim: Lafleur Mauvette Mohamed (Part 2)

OK, fine. Maybe some Muslimahs really should cover themselves.

Check out part 1 on this gargantuan Muslimah

Florida Muslim Lafleur Mauvette Mohamed is truly hard to miss, and not just because of her size. Why is she back on YDM? Because she made a big fuss about being denied service while dressed like a ninja. However, the closest she will ever be to a ninja is a sumo wrestler.

Mohamed waddled into a Chevron station one day wearing the niqab, which covers the face except the eyes. The attendant at the station told her she couldn’t shop there with her face covered. I mean, convenience stores never get robbed, right? Like, the attendant should totally trust anyone who comes in with their face covered because they’re always law-abiding citizens. Mohamed commented: “The parties involved for my public humiliation need to take responsibility and accept that they did violate my rights and apologize.” Actually, the attendant is an employee of the manager or proprietor of the station, and definitely has the authority to kick troublemakers off the property. In fact, the attendant was probably trained on how to do so. Considering the numerous folds of fat Mohamed has, she could totally stuff stolen goods between her folds and no one could ever tell.

Being the Dairy Queen-loving drama queen she is, Mohamed suddenly burst into tears after being denied service, then returned to her car where members of her family were waiting. She stated: “I was so embarrassed to tell them that I was just denied service.” Hmm, maybe she wouldn’t have that problem if she removed the ridiculous ninja costume that makes her look like a threat to public safety? Just a thought.

Mohamed called the cops, who unbelievably took her side despite her earlier arrest for abusing her daughter. Thankfully, the cops were unable to convince the gas station attendant to allow the cloaked menace to shop there.

However, Mohamed wasn’t having any logic or reason to go with her whine. She contacted the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a known Hamas-affiliated group, to help her bring a case against Chevron on the grounds of religious discrimination. Well, maybe people would be more accepting of Islam if it didn’t oppress women and simultaneously enable them to commit crimes without being identified.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Lafleur Mauvette Mohamed (Part 2)

  1. There is no end to the stupidity of muslims.

  2. Or the stupidity of non muslims in bending over backwards to accomodate these seventh century whiners.

  3. […] be seen. If this case goes in McDaniel’s favor, it could set a harmful precedent in terms of businesses having to allow otherwise impermissible forms of attire due to outlandish claims of religious obligation. However, if it goes in Planet Fatness’ […]

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