Your Daily Muslim: Rashid Kibaga

Rashid Kibaga

Rashid Kibaga

This post contains graphic descriptions of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Rashid Kibaga, a Somali Muslim who immigrated to Ireland, just wanted to get his slaughter on. He wasn’t a certified butcher, nor did he have any sort of formal butchery training. However, that didn’t matter to him because he was a strict Muslim, and his bloodthirsty god Satan- err, Allah demanded bloodshed. Kibaga bought himself five goats and set out to kill them.

Halal animal slaughter involves slicing the neck of the animal without anesthetizing it first while a Muslim recites verses from the Qur’an. I’m sure the animal is deeply comforted by the babbling of a crazed Muslim as it is forced to suffer during its horrifying final moments, watching its own blood spray from its throat. Kibaga insisted on slaughtering his goats in halal fashion, because the seventh-century words of a pedophile are more important than humane methods of slaughter. He contacted two of his Somali Muslim friends, with whom he was living in an asylum seekers’ hostel, and the trio began the slaughter in a private house. Why would they kill five goats if they weren’t able to sell or consume all the meat? Who knows; maybe the non-LaVeyan Satanists have some idea about that since they also ritually slaughter animals just to watch them die.

Kibaga stuck the knife into the first goat’s neck, causing the animal to squeal and shriek in pain, which alerted neighbors to what was going on. He then cut its throat, causing it to thrash uncontrollably and spray blood everywhere. He then killed the second goat in the same fashion before skinning both. He beheaded the third goat, which didn’t even get a chance to scream before its death. Police busted in on the bloodsoaked scene during the process of slaughtering the fourth – its throat had just been cut, and it died shortly thereafter. Kibaga and his Muslim friends were arrested for animal cruelty. The fifth goat, which had reportedly been kept in poor conditions, was rescued.

Kibaga told police he had no idea what he did was wrong, that he was just following the traditions of his Islamic homeland. That isn’t saying much, considering how Somalia is the worst country on the planet by almost every metric imaginable. He has been sentenced to 1 year in jail suspended for 2 years.

12 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Rashid Kibaga

  1. Should be deported…….sick weirdo….!!

    • The liberals want him here, however, so he got a slap on the wrist. Hopefully we can deport law-hating liberals along with those who refuse to obey the law.

  2. How did an “asylum ” seeker living in a hostel manage to buy five goats???????????

  3. Hmmmm…he didn’t rape the goats first…..strange muslim…unorthodox

    • Hahaha! Good one! May be they had a Gangbang swingers night and was killing them to destroy the evidence.! Anyways……make work in a labour camp to pay for his ticket back to where he came from and then….. DEPORT!

    • If they raped them they would have to sell them in the next village and not consume the meat as it would then be considered haram.

  4. I am disgusted by almost everything Islamic, however what disgusts me more, is how we can justify ‘asylum’ for muslims from muslim countries, it’s a no-brainer! These are economic migrants on the make, not refugees. If they were ‘fleeing’, why the hell do they want to change our countries into Islamic toilets like the ones they have left? I suggest halal slaughter for the lot…

  5. muslims absolutley repulse me, he was following the quran, which is proof if it was needed its a fucked up pile of shit, but the biggest insult….. 12 months suspended for 2 years? was the judge a muslim paedo also?!

  6. What is good for the goat is good for the Islamofacist who slaughtered it.

  7. filty somali bastard pedofile goat focker

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