Your Daily Muslim: Ömer Tuğrul İnançer

Omer Tugrul Inancer

Omer Tugrul Inancer

One of the main reasons Islam commands women to cover themselves is because Muslim men can’t keep it in their pants. However, for some, that simply isn’t enough. Turkish lawyer, author, radio commentator, and pregnancy-fetishist Ömer Tuğrul İnançer simply couldn’t keep his eyes off the burgeoning bellies of pregnant women, and so he called for all women who were 7 or more months pregnant to hide themselves from view so he’d get fewer awkward public boners.

“It is against our civilization to use fanfare to announce a pregnancy. Pregnant women also should not go around in public with those bellies. It’s not aesthetic. After seven or eight months, future mothers should only leave the house by car with their husbands to get some fresh air, and only in the evening. Instead we see them all over television. It’s unpleasant. This is not realism, it’s immorality.” Immorality? What?! I mean, to İnançer, a pregnant belly is probably as much of a turn-on as a nice pair of boobs, but calling it “unpleasant” to hide his kink is just low. İnançer is, however, kinda right on one thing – fatties of both sexes should hide their bellies because that’s just gross. But pregnancy is different from simply being fat.

İnançer is also an author of numerous books in which he discusses his love of Muhammad, pigs be upon him. So this dude likes pregnant bellies and worships a pedophile… you have to wonder what kind of childhood would lead to someone turning out so disturbed.

16 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Ömer Tuğrul İnançer

  1. Translation does not truly reflect what Tugrul Inancer said and meant. His statement was about a tradition that has been observed by many Muslim Turks for centuries. Tradition regards birth of a child sacred and behooves people to treat pregnant women with respect accordingly as the carrier of a divine gift. It does not suggests to keep the pregnant women at home. It criticizes a society which is negligent in providing the necessary care and services for pregnant women. Tugrul Inancer did not say “pregnant women should stay home”. He said “pregnant women do stay home” referring to a well observed tradition.

    Followers of the tradition believe that a pregnant woman should not have to go out because she has to work or has to run errands. Others should provide these services for her. If she needs to go out, then she should be provided a comfortable transportation preferably by her husband as was stated in Tugrul Inancer’s talk. Pregnancy is considered a sacred gift, a divine treasure that many Turkish mothers feel shame to expose. Majority of Turks do not find a woman showing her naked belly flattering and many women think that it is not esthetic.

    Immorality was mentioned in the context of violating women’s privacy during the commercials of menstrual pads, criticizing companies using graphical images disrespecting the privacy and the bodies of women during commercial in the name of making more money. It was not used in the context of pregnant women going out.

    The commotion in the social media is created artificially to prolong the demonstrations and keep the fire on against a conservative government.

    • Why is every site using the translation from my piece then? If it weren’t valid, someone would have said something, and even Turks and native speakers who don’t need a translation are outraged by his remarks – why?

    • I read you remarks with great interest. I, too, have a feeling that the translation is not fully correct. Could you please elaborate on “Immorality was mentioned in the context of violating women’s privacy during the commercials of menstrual pads, criticizing companies using graphical images disrespecting the privacy and the bodies of women during commercial in the name of making more money. It was not used in the context of pregnant women going out.”. Because now, everybody is thinking that according to Ömer Tuğrul İnançer all pregnant women are immoral. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your context, it was needed here. Most people don’t know Mr. Inancer and they have opinions based on lies, but I do know him, and he’s a wise man. He won’t talk unless what he’s saying it’s on hadith, or sunnah or in the Quran. If you disrespect him, you are disrespecting Islam.

  2. I think you lost your intelligence the day you were born- idiot!

  3. The fact that men in any country debate what a women chooses to do or wear whether she is pregnant or not– is the real problem. I agree birth and pregnancy is sacred and divine- but how a woman chooses to express herself during her pregnancy is strictly her business. No one else’s. Religion has been misused throughout millennia as a way to control the masses. This is simply more of the same!

  4. Bre, you’re right on the money. Some are sheep to their “Sky Daddy” (Our Heavenly Father), some follow a pedophile who and his marauders raided other tribes and killed all but little girls whom they raped some 1300-1400 years ago. Religion is the biggest congame of all times that ruling class has been using to control the masses.

  5. I think stupid ideologies are emerging from every corner to oppress men and women in Turkey. The atmosphere is rapidly changing since I lived in Istanbul back in 2001. I think Turkish people have enjoyed their freedom but that freedom is kind of vanishing day by day. It is such a shame. Wisdom and common sense is overwritten by the religion a theory which was never proven and was only once applied to the lives desert men. Do we need it again? I certainly don’t think so…

  6. Edeb yahu! you can argue but do not disrespect to Islam and its Prophet Muhammed (SAV)

  7. It’s a bad translation only, the comments of “WhatISee” are precise and really good and I agree with them, this was just someone needed for attention that tried to make some money out of controversy, that’s all.

  8. I would like to get e mail of this man.Bih thank you

  9. I totally agree with Mr Inancer. Women nowadays walk around proudly with their huge belly, as if they have created the baby. It is Allah and not you, so you don’t have any reason to be proud of.

  10. And do you really think that Mr inancer cares about what you people here think? I don’t think sooooo

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