Your Daily Muslim: Ahad Miah

Ahad Miah

Ahad Miah

Ahad Miah and two of his fellow Muslims, Yannick Ntese and Abdul Motin, decided to go out for a drive in east London. They made sure to bring liquids in the car with them in case anyone got thirsty. By “liquids” I mean acid, and by “anyone” I mean non-Muslim women walking along the side of the road.

Miah, Ntesa, and Motin all got out of the car, approached the woman, who was walking with her young children, and sprayed her with acid. Her children were also caught in the radius of the spray. She screamed in pain, and the Muslims fled back into their car. 16 percent of her body was burned by the caustic spray. The Muslims were each sentenced to 14 years behind bars.

Miah is listed on LinkedIn as being a marketing director, and a Twitter account that corresponds with his name, age, and location says he’s involved with a charity called the al-Imdaad Foundation, an Islamic charity to deliver aid to third-world countries. Sadly, Miah can’t show the same compassion to infidels.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Ahad Miah

  1. Finally, these pri*ks are given sentences to match the crime…..maybe some acid in their soup next meal time…..?

  2. I don’t blame this assface, seeing that fucking ugly horrible feature into the mirror every fucking single day,off course destroys his mental and off course causes him lots of complex and off course he is gonna end up with committing crime “””since””” the dirty sick cult of Islam is a part of disaster.
    keep away of Islam
    …………better safe than sorry…………

  3. It was the sadistic psychopath allah who taught muslims that it was justice to torture non-muslims who didn’t submit to the laws of allah. (see koran, ad nauseam)

  4. Are British prison as bad as the one here in the USA. Because if that happened here, those pricks would get their asses kick, abused and or either end up dead!

  5. We better wake up real soon! These people are out to kill us all! Wake up England! Wake up America!!

  6. i don’t understand, why do ypu not kill these scum, trap them, are the britisch become cowards

  7. What do you want to bet that “charity foundation” isn’t a front for a terrorist organization. That’s how bin boy worked, he set up foundations that paid for dumb slobs to go to terrorist training camps, which lead to all the terror attacks in Europe and America. 14 years isn’t even close to what these little monsters deserve.

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