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Your Daily Muslim: Monirul Islam

Monirul Islam about to put a black phallic object in his mouth

Monirul Islam about to put a black phallic object in his mouth

Muslims are much like small children when they don’t get their way – they act out in absurd, often obscene ways. Indian Muslim politician Monirul Islam did exactly that when he realized the opposition probably had the upper hand. Instead of trying to engage his opponent in debate or civilized discourse, what did Islam do? Go for the throat.

…figuratively, of course, he wouldn’t want to ruin his now oh-so-promising political career. During a speech, he threatened to behead his rival, and sounded as though he were speaking from experience: “it would not even take me a minute to behead you.” He knew how long it would take for himself to behead someone? Uhh, the police better investigate this mofo before someone (else?) loses their head.

Numerous Indian political leaders have called for sanctions against Islam for creating an “anti-social” atmosphere, and for hindering the democratic process with his threats. Islam is also said to have spoken of putting people “beneath his feet.” Whether or not that’s a euphemism for burying them is unknown – all that is known is that Islam (both this dude and the religion) and politics do not go together.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Monirul Islam

  1. It is an unfortunate truth that many Indian muslim politicians use the ‘muslim card’ for electoral gains knowing that the government will think twice before taking any action against them. Indian muslims are not radicalized in spite of the news to the contrary one hears in the west. Indian muslims, got left behind due to their belief in the religious leaders as well as due to encouragement from across the border. Now they have realized (after seeing the mess islam has made out of pakistan) that redemption lies in jettisoning the divisive religious philosophies and integrating with the mainstream of Indian society.

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