Your Daily Muslim: Sara al Amoudi

She likes to "blow" but not in the way most Muslims do

She likes to “blow” but not in the way most Muslims do

Some men are horny and stupid enough to believe anything a woman tells them. In the case of Sara al Amoudi, an Islamic prostitute (I know it doesn’t make sense; don’t ask) from the UK, she used her storytelling skills to con all sorts of people out of money.

Realizing she could make more than the average street-corner-dweller by inventing exaggerated fantasies, al Amoudi transformed her identity into that of a Saudi princess. She dressed more nicely and began to interact more with the locals. Using her “Saudi princess” line, she conned a family out of property worth £14 million. She also conned the HSBC out of £4 million and pulled some weird Frank Abignale-type stunts to get a statement from Barclays (major bank) saying she was worth £165 million. Since she’s a hooker, I’ve gotta wonder how many dicks she’d have to suck to make that much.

Other things al Amoudi claims to have done: dated actor Colin Farrell (who hasn’t been relevant since 2004), dated a Swedish model, and considers peer Lord Mereworth a personal friend. I’m guessing that’s more of a “client”-type relationship, considering al Amoudi’s profession. She tried using her limited connections to slander the people she had conned when they took her to court, but the judge wouldn’t hear it. He asked her to remove her burqa as well (you go, judge!) However, al Amoudi was frequently seen without the ridiculous ninja costume, both when drinking and sucking dicks in back alleys. She is currently awaiting the outcome of the civil case brought against her.

38 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Sara al Amoudi

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  2. wowww just to be a muzzie is embarrassing,no matter of being princes or a damned local dude, Just to be an Arab is a big shame, just wonder of such a village low level assholes fucking a wide arab hole, I have heard arab women are toooooo f**cking open, no wonder why their men prefer goats better than them.

    • How can you say that to a whole group and nation of Arab women? Unlike westerners who have several sexual partners, before marriage, during marriage and after marriage, majority of arab women are monogamous and do not sleep around. You are either a racist or a jealous ugly woman.

  3. That woman look soooo familiar. I am trying to remember where I have seen her before.

  4. By any chance, do you remember the name’s of her sisters? The Daily Mail doesn’t say how many sisters or their names. Also, we understand that Jak’s under went several management changes over the years. Do you remember who was managing the club when the girls worked there. Thx.

    • Nope, I don’t have that info, sorry

      • Sorry for the confusion. I thought Marya knew these women. I was hoping she’d disclose more for your followers. Yes, it was in the papers that Sara and her sisters were working girls, but it was never publicly disclosed that they worked at Jak’s. Only the insiders would know and Marya knew. Maybe she or Joseph can tell us more. Thx.

    • Hi Sebastian, yes in jak’s bar 2001-2002 al amudi call sofia and different name she have big celicon brest and long deffernt wigs alot of make up her sister call armane.

    • She have got big silicon breast

    • I heard she has just had twins don’t know who father is (probably a test tube )
      Seems a bit extreme to avoid jail when she loses the court case

  5. Thank for that Marya, I believed they both worked at Jak’s until early 2003. I think Sara used the name Sophie and Sophia. I think her sister spelled her name Amani and also used the name Bianca. I heard Amani had big silicone breasts as well. Did both girls say they were Saudi? Funny, in the papers and in court, Sara and others denied Sara and Amani were sisters. Sara said Amani’s real name was Samera and she was from Yemen. But other witnesses in the court and papers said all the sisters were from Ethiopia. Wasn’t there another sister who went by the name Moona and Maha? She worked at Jak’s until she married the owner of Jak’s named James. Did you know James and Moona/Maha? I think they had a fourth sister named Najat who didn’t sell her body for money like the others.

  6. Thanks for that Marya. Please see the link to Facebook below. Hope it works. If not, Amani’s Facebook name is Sameeramq. Let me know if this is the same woman you knew from Jak’s.

  7. Here’s more from the net. See link and article below.


    Mohammed Yahya Al-Mutawakel, a senior Yemeni official and a senior member of one of Yemen’s most powerful families, confirmed Ms. Al-Amoudi acquired a Yemeni passport in early 2000 at the passport office in Aden, Yemen. The Aden passport office had major problems with corruption and the illegal issuance of Yemeni passports between 1999 and 2002.

    In a related story, Arab Focus has learned that Ms. Al-Amoudi’s longtime lover was one of the four Blackwater contractors famously killed in Fallujah, Iraq on March 31, 2004. After being shot to death, their bodies were mutilated, set aflame and paraded through the streets, before being hung from a bridge, while the world watched in horror. The murderers were never caught. Officially, it was blamed on islamic militants, but according to sources close to the alleged princess, she believes that her family in Saudi Arabia was probably responsible for the death of her lover as an act of revenge. For more on the Blackwater killings, please copy and paste the link below.

  8. Hi Marya. Hope to hear back from you tonight after you checked out Amani/Samera’s Facebook page. Checkout the link to another good website. By the way, was famous London chef Keith Springer one of the owners of Jak’s.


    • Hi Sebastian, yes i so semera face book yes is her she ask asylum now living in fulham she have no paper, the mother have 9 chlidren 2of them boy 7 girls all mafia form different fathers mother olso prostitute they use to live in Yemen,

      • Al Amudi is his father Yemen mother is Ethiopian millioner guy first time Sophia said is her father but is not he father.

    • Hi Sebastian
      Keith was the leaeholder and James his cousin Andy was the bar manager
      After2003 they sold the lease to a Mr Conta
      Sofia Sameera and Moona/Maha worked there and Moona married James

  9. Marya. It appear someone had the Arab Focus website taken down in the past few hours. Highly suspicious. Found this link about a trial that Sara was involved in with another Al Amoudi man a few years back. It is very interesting reading.


    5. Mohammed Yahya Al-Mutawakel, a senior Yemeni official
    and a senior member of one of Yemen’s most powerful
    families, confirmed Sarah Al-Amoudi acquired a Yemeni
    passport in early 2000 at the passport office in Aden, Yemen.
    The Aden passport office had major problems with corruption
    and the illegal issuance of Yemeni passports between 1999 and

  10. Amane/samera currently is living in UAE.

  11. There is something behind how Elliot nichol died? Find out.

  12. Please! Now she killed that old druggie. What’s next? She and Oswald did in JFK. Stop the crap and show us the beef or clam up!

  13. hi sebastian could send me email address. hanna

  14. Sarah Alamoudi not her real name she’s from Ethiopia and never been in Saudi Arabia ! She lived in Djibouti and Dubai with her sisters Moona and Suad working as prostitutes 20 some years ago!

  15. Hi Helen yes that’s sure all family are prostetute they been Yemen in Dubai 20 years ago and come to London big scam.stuopid Englis been trick

  16. I am the stepfather of these women and sadly, all the accusations are true.

  17. You are the one meet here 1980 or1984 in Yemen she use to have etiopian restorant?I’m hassina best friends emebet kebede maybe you know me you are right that’s true.

  18. Hi Behailu, you know me I know you. If you want to contact me this is my email, ameykebede@mail.com

  19. Hi Emebet. How are you? Of course I remember you. Do you still have contact with Hasina and the girls? Will email you soon.

  20. Emebet I heard that Princess Saras sister Samera Al-Mutawakel who is better known in Dubai and London by her prostitute alias Amani had sex with the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as a prostitute with another prostitute Arab friend of Sameras also joining in. I also heard this is how Samera Amani lost her virginity and she was like 16 at the time. Is this true and has anyone else heard this.

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