Your Daily Muslim: Muneeb Hassan Alrawi

This picture isn't inappropriate at all... Muhammad, pigs be upon him, would highly approve.

This picture isn’t inappropriate at all… Muhammad, pigs be upon him, would highly approve.

Yes, the Czech Republic has Muslims, and yes, they’re just as batshit crazy as they are everywhere else in the world. Take, for example, Muneeb Hassan Alrawi. Alrawi is the chairman of the Center of Muslim Communities in the Czech Republic – in other words, the nation’s leading Muslim. Now, Alrawi has gotten his entire religion into some hot water it may not be able to get out of.

“Your duty in this period is to teach him [a child between 7 and 10] to love Islam, and – that he could become a Muslim – teach him to express hate towards kufr [disbelief, acts of non-Muslims]. Teach him hate towards everything immoral and not good. Mainly, teach him to hate kufr, hence not-accepting Allah.” This statement provoked an immediate reaction from Czech leaders, who are seeing the decline of Britain and France as more and more violent Muslims pour in through the floodgates. A legal complaint was filed against Alrawi on the grounds of inciting or teaching hatred, and is currently being reviewed by attorneys. A Czech atheist association has called for the banning of Alrawi’s Center of Muslim Communities group on similar grounds.

In the same speech in which he told parents to make their children hate everything us infidels do, Alrawi also told them to beat their children. “Teach your children salah [prayer] at age 7 and you can beat them when they are 10 if they don’t do so.” What is it with Muslims and violence? Beating children, beating women (Qur. 4:34), blowing shit up, hanging gay people, stoning adulterers… you’d think the rest of the world would wake up and see that Islam is nothing but a bunch of savagery disguised as a religion. However, liberals’ heads are still too far up their asses to see the bloody truth. Hopefully Alrawi’s speech wakes up the Czech Republic to the true nature of Islam.

10 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Muneeb Hassan Alrawi

  1. I’m getting really and truly sick of all these pig’s turds….excuses for human beings…….

    At my age most I can do is write intelligent, unlike the pricks we are talking about, comments…..

    My concern is very real for the future of my beautiful Country, Australia, and others like us, This Country welcomes and has welcomed many people from from all parts of the World, and most that come here chose Australia because of the location, our people and opportunity.

    Unfortunately there is an element of scum, seeping into our Country that have no desire whatsoever of adopting Australia as their new home. Instead they arrive here illegally. Their intent is not to assimilate, rather the reverse…!

    I am not for one minute suggesting that we, as a civilised Country, refuse genuine asylum seekers, but when statistics show that many arriving by boat from Indonesia have destroyed their identification papers and plea for sympathy….??…They arrived in Indonesia with genuine documentation otherwise Indonesia would have deported them.

    It is interesting that on a number of occasions, our Border Patrol organisation has received information that boats carrying these people are in need of rescue, and that ‘so called distress alert’ originated from Melbourne, Victoria….some 4000 kms?……On 2 occasions boats, not 80 kms from Indonesia, headed for Australia, have engaged their distress signals….You do not have to be Einstein to work all that out…

    Our Government, like many others, blindly bend over backwards for these people and then have the gall to provide ‘handouts’ far in excess of what our pensioners, veterans handicapped etc, receive…the list goes on.

    Only in the last few weeks there was a riot at a processing centre….now more commonly referred as a “detention centre”, those scum that rioted caused an estimated $60 million in damages to the facilities.

    I wonder if the same had happened in their, the scum’s, countries of origin, what would have happened to the perpetrators??……I also wonder, in the same reversed situation, if I, or any other Christian were to demand that they abide by my faith, or otherwise, or face what is described many times in the ‘koran’….??

    I wonder also if the situation was reversed and I visited their country and demanded that their School Children not re-enact the “Nativity” as it conflicted with the writings of the ‘koran’……..Maybe I would be headless very quickly after that demand.

    Personally, I am at the stage that I really do not give a damn about the consequence of leaky boats carrying illegal and supposed asylum seekers. What I do care about is my Country, my Family, my Friends, their Families and all “Genuine Aussies” who do not shove their beliefs down your throat with threats, indeed with acts of violence.

    I need to stop writing……I am very, very angry and deeply concerned for our future generations,.

    • Your concern is completely understandable and justified – the countries we know and love are slowly being pulled away from us by people who will never integrate and the liberal elites who enable them.

      As for special treatment – of course they get it, they always will as long as there are spineless leftists in power that need their “helpless refugees” to manipulate emotion for votes.

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  3. Is that his wife ?? He seems to be enjoying rubbing her hand on his dick.

  4. Feed him pork blood and hang him…all muslim…mohamed was rapist and pedofil…followers are evidently not fully evolved beings

  5. Fortunately people in Czech are getting sick of islam and what it represents. They are strongly against it and have signed petition against official recognition of this pseudo-religion by the goverment. In other words no mosques, no money from the goverment, no bloody islamic teachers at school, no support whatsoever. We are predominantly atheistic society and we hate any totalitary systems. And we love pork meat. No islam in Czech!!!!

  6. An ustadz explain about the meaning of word “Beating”,,, that’s a connotative meaning, it means “Tighten on”/make the teaching more intensive. Thhis article is not true. Please read it: http://tipsdankabarkita.blogspot.com/2014/08/lesson-from-umar-ra-is-islam-terrorist.html

      • there are two commands in the Hadith: 1) command children to pray at 7,,,, 2) Command to beat them at 10 years old,,,, My teacher explained the contextual meaning of the word “beating”,,,,,,, This hadith orders parents to teach the children discipline step by step from 7 to 10 years old. The final choice of the step is beating (It’s the final). Every step in ordering at 7 is different, based on the condition and the progress of the children,,, then at seven the beating is also having some differences in every step,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Now, let’s talk about the parent,, there are many types of parents, each of them has different characteristic,,, Some parent so patient while the others are short tempered. The second type maybe easily choose to beat without learning and analyzing his method. But, the best father is the very patient one, right?

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