Your Daily Muslim: Issa Ponda Issa

Issa Ponda Issa after having been shot with a tear-gas canister

Issa Ponda Issa hospitalized after having been shot with a tear-gas canister

Some people can’t take rejection well. One night, some of Tanzanian Muslim hate preacher Issa Ponda Issa’s Islamic BFFs went to dormitories where numerous foreign visitors were staying, including two 18-year-old Jewish girls from the UK, Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup. The Muslims weren’t there for missionary work, however – they just wanted to get their dicks wet and/or get themselves a free trip to the UK, and coming from a patriarchal Islamic background, the men were surprised when the girls rejected them.

It’s totally understandable why anyone would react negatively to being hit on by Issa or his followers – he’s an extremist cleric with links to Uamsho, an Islamist militant group. He has previously called upon his followers to protest and riot against Christian “colonization.” He blamed Christians for allegedly urinating on a Qur’an (oh man, that’s SUCH a big deal), which led to the destruction of churches at the hands of his followers. Needless to say, any sane person would stay far, far away from such an insane Muslim.

However, Katie and Kirstie couldn’t stay far away enough. Two of Issa’s followers, believed to be from Uamsho, approached the girls by moped as they were walking together outside. Before the girls could react, their faces and chests were burning in pain. They had been splashed with battery acid. Luckily, they were right next to water, so one dove in to prevent some of the more grisly disfigurative effects, while the other ran to a public restroom to wash the corrosive chemical off. However, both will need skin grafts to repair the damage done.

Issa tried to make an escape as police moved in to make an arrest. He was shot with a tear-gas canister and lost a lot of blood. However, he is expected to survive to stand trial for his crimes.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Issa Ponda Issa

  1. Pricks……deserve to drink the acid as punishment….!!

  2. sick people! why would anyone do that?!

  3. Battery acid burns are terrible and so disfiguring. It’s too bad the canister didn’t do more damage, but kudos to the guy who shot him with it, instead of near him…

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