Your Daily Muslim: Jamiu Bello

Jamiu Bello

Jamiu Bello

Aaaaaaaaaand we’re back to Nigeria. Jamiu Bello is a 60-year-old imam of Islamist group Jamaitul Islam in Lagos, Nigeria. He tries to live his life like the prophet Muhammad, pigs be upon him, did – including taking multiple wives. Bello’s third wife in particular, a 25-year-old woman named Busola, is the reason he’s being shamed on here.

A 60-year-old man who already has not one, but two wives should probably be thankful that any woman would give him the time of day. However, that wasn’t enough for Bello – he was very controlling, and suspected Busola of infidelity because she was outgoing and spent a lot of time in the neighborhood. Hey, Bello, she’s 25. She doesn’t want to waste her young adulthood getting boned by someone more than twice her age. Even if she did cheat, who could blame her?

Bello publicly demanded a divorce, and took the demand to a local court. “I want this court to separate us because I am not enjoying the marriage anymore; she fights everyone in the neighborhood and I suspect her of infidelity.” Busola responded, “I have not offended him in any way. He has never seen me with any other man. Even though he has not been able to provide for my upkeep, I still love him.” Note how she says “never seen me” not “have never been.” You sneaky woman, Busola. You go, girl.

The fact that Bello is so concerned with having multiple wives instead of being satisfied with those he has spent more of his life with shows a profound emotional detachment from them. It is unknown whether or not the two were even consulted before he married Busola. The Islam-influenced court will decide whether or not to dissolve the marriage in early September.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Jamiu Bello

  1. Can you imagine what it smells like to have forced sex with this swine? May his bowels be filled with pork rinds and BBQ pork spare ribs.

  2. this is an absolutely brilliant website. Thanks for you work.

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