Your Daily Muslim: Raymond Akhtar Ali

Raymond Akhtar Ali. This post contains graphic descriptions of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Raymond Akhtar Ali. This post contains graphic descriptions of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

It all started when Australian halal butcher Raymond Akhtar Ali just wanted to get a little on the side. He began to casually see one of the employees at his butcher shop, a 22-year-old non-Muslim woman. After a short period, the woman felt she had become his “sex slave,” and discovered she had been impregnated by him. With her employment on the line if she were to stop seeing him, she felt she had few choices but to carry the child to term.

She gave birth in secret, with Ali present. A baby born out of wedlock is considered a great shame in Islam, and Ali did not want any evidence of his dirty deeds. Being submissive to and frightened of the aggressive Muslim, the woman complied with his demands even as things got grim. What did Ali do with the newborn girl? He used it as halal butchery practice, of course. He smashed the infant to death, then cut the bloody corpse in two across the abdomen. Was he done? Not at all; he had one more absurd, savage Islamic ritual to perform – female circumcision. He sliced off the child’s clitoris, more or less taking the entirety of the vagina with it. To finish, he cut off one of the baby’s legs. The brief moments the child lived were spent in agony, and Ali was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for the heinous crime. However, he could apply for parole as early as next year.

Now, Ali has filed suit after being denied halal meat for four months in prison, with the meat being replaced by vegetarian dishes. He probably wanted to relive the days where he could get away with barbarically slaughtering animals (no tranquilizers are used in halal slaughter) as well as that innocent baby – the taste of halal meat with its secret ingredients of cruelty and suffering would bring back those memories. The court that heard the case shockingly ruled in favor of Ali, and stated that he must be paid $3,000. An appeal has been filed.

28 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Raymond Akhtar Ali

  1. Hang the prick…..!!

  2. So, I suppose this is the kind of behavior Australians are approving of now?
    How low standards of civilization have fallen.

    • eib,
      Please don’t ‘blame Australians’……..it is not the individuals in Aussie, rather the Left Wing “do gooders” that are responsible.
      Australia, together with it’s sovereign islands comprise almost 60000 kilometers of coastline. With minimal Border patrol to protect the Country from illegal immigrants..
      Our left wing Governments are more interested in bowing to the enemy rather than having the foresight to understand it’s implications.
      As the World’s 6th largest nation we also are situated not much more than 500 kilometres from Indonesia…one of the World’s largest Muslim Countries.

      Best regards,


      • XX Please don’t ‘blame Australians’……..it is not the individuals in Aussie, rather the Left Wing “do gooders” that are responsible.XX

        Why not? We Germans still get hold responsible for not doing anything against the wee moustachoid Austrain twat.

        Why should Australian peopl be any LESS responsible, when they do nothing?

      • the left wing do gooders are a bane to every country with muslim problem 😦

  3. More reasons why Islam needs eradicated from the planet.

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  5. Goodluck Australia……Barbarians have found a Home there.!

  6. Furor Teutonicus,

    You are talking dribble…..

    Also, learn how to spell…

    • I will learn to spell shite English, when you can speak/read/write German/Swedish and Norewegian, dum cunt.

      • Can the Moderator please ban Furor Teutonicus…..?
        He/She or it, is really not worth reading nor does it contribute to this site.

      • I try not to ban anyone – I want everyone to freely express and debate the merits of each other’s stances on here 🙂 I believe that contributes to an atmosphere of openness and discourse.

      • We don’t have to learn the ugly guttural language of Germans, but you do have to learn the poetic beautiful language of English, because…(have a guess, it has to do with a war or two)

    • it’s ‘drivel’,btw…

  7. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Why would it be a shame to impregnate a captured woman? Chopping up newborn babies is, however, not that different from an abortion.

  8. I have to agree with ozgreat….it is the left wing humanist dogooders who have engineered our society over the last 100 years that have made it possible for all the crap that is happening in the “west”. At the same time I agree with Furor….we , that apathetic majority are too lazy to get off our bottoms to oppose them even though we hate what they do.+..and yes , we DO blame the German people for not stopping Hitler.Freedom costs blood sadly

  9. what a joke, he was lucky he was fed anything, ungrateful sick bastard. he should’ve been hanged, even better he should’ve been sent back to where he came from!!

  10. what a sick ungrateful bastard… he was lucky he was fed anything at all.. why should the tax payers accommodate these foreign sickos…. we should have a law where murders, drug /ammo dealers can be sent back to where they come from

  11. Bring back the Death Penalty..along with smacking ..the Cane ..flogging …Hard labour…This society is in meltdown

  12. The religion of peace, my ass

  13. As a rule I don’t agree with capital Punishment, but in this case I think a mere execution is not harsh enough.
    Psycho like this should be totured to death at least as bad as their victims.

  14. […] grievance-mongering, law-bending, and trying to make liberals feel sorry for them. All too often, it works. Meet Mohamed Benalel Merah, an Algerian Muslim whose son (also named Mohamed) committed one of the […]

  15. When I hear about a successful drone strike in the Middle East, a good solid earthquake in Iran or the Shiites and Sunnis blowing each other up in Iraq I just don’t care.
    Every news story we read about the absurdity of this religion and how ignorant the followers are just makes me more and more insensitive.
    I do however question charity collectors very closely now as I refuse to have one cent of my money go to these rat infested sewers called Muslim nations.

  16. I can’t believe the WOMAN, the mother of the child agreed to have the child in secret knowing what he was capable of. Had she just gone to a hospital and gotten on with her life, by either abortion or adoption… well he couldn’t have done what he did, and he’s a monster who should be fed pork 3 meals a day and nothing else for the rest of his bloody life, as for her – well there are no words, in any language. I rather enjoy hearing from people from all over the world, English is the most difficult language to learn and when I was in Germany I found them to be wonderful and friendly people, well educated and yes well spoken in many languages. Cutting others a break on grammar is a kindness, since so many native English speakers have grammar challenges it’s not too much to ask, is it?

  17. You’re absolutely kidding me!
    The courts ruled in his favour?
    He gets compensated????
    What the fuck is wrong with the government?
    Anywhere else that would be premeditated murder!

    • He did go to jail for murder, and is in jail. Read again, you are conflating issues. He was compensated for not being fed halal meat in jail… yes, still crazy that he won that suit. Stupid lefties.

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