Your Daily Muslim: Khaled al-Zaafrani

Khaled al-Zaafrani

Khaled al-Zaafrani

Islam’s trend of anti-Semitism defies all reason. Not only are Jews consistently innovating in many scientific fields, they also provide medical care to wounded “Palestinians.” However, Muslims refuse to accept that those they consider to be, as the Qur’an calls them, “sons of apes and pigs,” really aren’t bad guys after all. Egyptian Muslim Khaled al-Zaafrani, the founder of the Freedom and Justice Party, makes absurd claims about Jews in an effort to smear their religion. However, his accusations are about as valid as accusing someone of being the reincarnation of Elvis.

“It’s well known that during the Passover, [Jews] make matzos called the ‘Blood of Zion.’ They take a Christian child, slit his throat and slaughter him. Then they take his blood and make their [matzos]. This is a very important rite for the Jews, which they never forgo.” On the subject of throat-slitting festivals, I think he’s actually thinking of the Islamic festival of Eid, where animals are slaughtered halal-style by having their throats slit without sedatives. “The French kings and the Russian czars discovered this [Blood of Zion rite] in the Jewish quarters. All the massacring of Jews that occurred in those countries were because they discovered that the Jews had kidnapped and slaughtered children, in order to make the Passover matzos.” I have no idea what kind of matzos al-Zaafrani’s been eating, but it sure as hell isn’t the same kind Jews make – that kind is just a bunch of carbs, no dead children involved.

“They slice [the blood matzos] and fight over who gets to eat Christian blood. When this subject is raised, the Jews consider it to be a problem, just like the problem of Hitler and the holocaust.” Unlike many Muslims, at least al-Zaafrani doesn’t openly deny the holocaust. Most Jews do consider it a problem, however, when they are accused of cannibalism – who wouldn’t think of that as a problem?! Still, it’s Muslims that engage in cannibalism, not Jews. This site has the proof.

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  2. Violence is the heart and soul of Islam, a religion of blood sacrifice.

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