Your Daily Muslim: Kenza Drider

I thought Ringwraiths carried swords, not rackets?

I thought Ringwraiths carried swords, not rackets?

I have no idea why anyone would want to walk around covered in bedsheets. Not only would such a “garment” be cumbersome, the bottom would probably get damaged and dirty fairly quickly, and everyone would be looking at the wannabe Ringwraith wearing it. Enter Kenza Drider, a French citizen of Moroccan descent. Drider likes to walk around pretending it’s Halloween every day in her Ringwraith costume, not realizing when it’s not appropriate to look like a potential bank robber or soul-eating monster. Maybe her face is just so hideous that it’s better for all our sake that she’s covered. Or maybe she’s just a brainwashed, delusional moron.

France recently passed a law banning the niqab and burqa, which fully cover the face. Drider has spoken out against the law, stating: “I will be going about my business in my full veil as I have for the last 12 years and nothing and nobody is going to stop me.” Thankfully, the French government did. On the first day of the ban, Drider was arrested while going about her quest for the Ring. She was outraged. “(Wearing the veil) is not an act of provocation. I’m only carrying out my citizen’s rights, I’m not committing a crime…” Uhh, actually, you ARE committing a crime; the law was just changed so potential criminals like you couldn’t get away with your crap anymore. In the UK, there have been reported robberies and acid attacks carried out by people wearing the niqab or burqa, and the perpetrators were unable to be identified by their victims because the garments prevented them from being recognized. Walking into a business wearing a niqab is no different than walking in wearing a ski mask.

Drider announced that she would be running as a presidential candidate in France’s 2012 election. She tried to rally support from the local Muslim community, but had difficulty when she realized going out in public with her Ringwraith costume on would prove difficult. Nevertheless, she tried, primarily as an act of protest against the ban on face veils. Drider still wears the niqab in public, since wealthy Muslims have taken up her cause and volunteered to cover any legal fees she incurs.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Kenza Drider

  1. Few years ago a Policewoman in UK was killed by robbers ( male ) wearing burkas.

  2. I really can’t stand these brainwashed Muslimas who actually champion their own slavery. They are as stupid as chickens supporting the rights of foxes to enter their own coop.
    I hope she gets a good beating from her husband every day. It’s just what she deserves.

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