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Your Daily Muslim: Suleiman Saidu

Suleiman Saidu

Suleiman Saidu

Infidelity is the death of many relationships. Some couples are able to work through it and salvage what they had despite certain “indiscretions.” The way Nigerian Muslim Suleiman Saidu tried to restore his relationship after allegedly discovering his wife cheating on him. Many Muslim men claim their wives misbehave so they can get away with beating them as Qur. 4:34 instructs them to do – and that’s exactly what Saidu did.

Saidu’s wife, Abibat, filed for a divorce, stating that once Saidu had beat her so badly she needed to be hospitalized for a week. Apparently Saidu had a history of stripping and beating her for alleged wrongdoings. The judge heard Abibat’s case, then asked Saidu to explain himself. The idiot acted like he was justified in severely beating his wife: “My Lord, yes, I always beat her, but she was the one who caused it. She is having extra-marital affairs.” Uhh, maybe if she’s cheating on you, she wants to dump your ass but the oppressive religion of Islam makes it nearly impossible for women to exercise any authority in relationships. Maybe you should just leave her alone and dump her instead of harming her. She isn’t “causing” you to beat her, you idiot, she’s living her own damn life and you’re being a psychotic douchebag with 7th-century morals.

To conclude, Saidu told the judge “I still love her and I don’t want to lose her.” Bullshit. It’s more like, “I make her put out for me by threatening to beat her if she doesn’t, and no other woman will touch me.”

The judge dissolved their marriage. Hopefully Saidu never remarries and is alone with his hand the rest of his miserable life.

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