Your Daily Muslim: Mohammed Mahdi Akef

Mohammed Mahdi Akef being old

Mohammed Mahdi Akef being old

Mohammed Mahdi Akef is the former head of the Muslim Brotherhood, the notorious Islamist organization Barack Hussein Obama more or less installed in place of Egypt’s government. Akef, like all the other Brotherhood members, is downright insane and hates the western ideals of freedom and tolerance. However, unlike many of his fellow Brotherhoodlums, Akef is very outspoken about Islam’s plan to take over the world.

“I have complete faith that Islam will invade Europe and America, because Islam has logic and a mission.” Uhh, no. Islam teaches creationism, so no logic there. Also, what’s the logic in marrying children? Oh wait, there is none, Islam was just created by a bunch of horny perverts so they could subjugate women. Islam’s already doing a fairly good job of invading Europe and parts of America and creating parallel societies/enclaves, thanks to spineless left-wing appeasers who look the other way when Muslims break our laws. Hopefully the leftists will wake up when a Muslim tries to marry their daughter after she completes the first grade. The mission of Islam Akef speaks of is world domination, nothing less. We can’t forget that; our children’s future is severely jeopardized by allowing Islam to continue spreading on our shores.

“The jihad will lead to smashing western civilization and replacing it with Islam, which will dominate the world.” Many Islamists are bold enough to openly state their goals, knowing that they can get away with it. Liberals still think these people are our peace partners, and that we can just hug it out and become BFFs with them. What part of “smashing western civilization” don’t they understand?! It should be fairly obvious that Islam does not want to coexist with us; it wants to control us and force us to live under it. In 2005, Akef accused the US of attacking anyone who questioned the holocaust. To think, he claims that Islam has logic, and yet here he is denying something for which there is tons of evidence… it seems Akef, like many Islamists, prefers rhetoric and hatred to reason.

Akef was arrested on July 4, 2013. A small victory for freedom on the day that stands for it. Hopefully the 85-year-old spends his remaining days behind bars.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mohammed Mahdi Akef

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  2. Time all Governments woke up to this vile bunch of paedophile followers and started to kick them all back to the Sharia Law states they all crave for.They come to our country and claim asylum claiming to have been victimised in the sharia state they descended from and wish to come to UK,USA or anywhere else to get away from sharia law,then the minute they are granted asylum they kick off claiming people should respect their laws etc,well here is one person who will tell them fuhq off back to the backwater country you came from and fester in your own shit there.Please close the door when you leave.

  3. It’s the utterances of such people allied to their ranking in the islamic world that tells you all you need to know about their objectives. We need everyone to call these violent and perverted people out and expose their disgusting ‘philosophy’.

  4. It is written in tablets that their time WILL come and our indigenous population will kick them all the way back from whence they came.

  5. There is a planned march the same day, the same place, of a million biker ride. It is all over social media, support that over the farcical million muslime march.

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