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Your Daily Muslim: Islambuli Badir

Islambuli Badir and his product

Islambuli Badir and his product

Some people always smell downright foul. Normally, those people are some variety of hippie or geriatric. “Palestinian” Muslim Islambuli Badir, however, has invented a new way for Muslims to smell bad – a perfume named after ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. Wake up and smell the sharia!

Badir is an alleged member of militant group Hamas, and made the perfume to rally behind Morsi. Since Morsi is a controversial figure, the authorities in “Palestine” decided it would be best to destroy the malodorous liquid before it was able to be spread. Badir’s shop was raided, and the perfume was confiscated. Badir was arrested in the raid. I have no idea who would ever want to smell like an old Muslim in the first place – their grooming habits really aren’t very good.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Islambuli Badir

  1. Stinks……!!!!

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