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Your Daily Muslim: Hafiz Khan

Hafiz Khan feels pretty, oh so pretty...

Hafiz Khan feels pretty, oh so pretty…

Florida: the sunshine state, well, at least it’s held onto that moniker for a while. However, looking at all the crazy Islamic activity in that state, I reckon quite a few of its inhabitants prefer sharia to sunshine. 78-year-old Pakistani immigrant imam Hafiz Khan certainly does. When he wasn’t occupying himself with various ways to avoid integrating into western society, he was funneling money to terrorists in his native Pakistan.

The geriatric was sentenced to 25 years behind bars for his role in financing the Pakistani Taliban, a group responsible for all sorts of bombings, jihad murders, and all those other traditional Islamic pastimes. When talking to an informant he believed was a jihadi, Khan praised the failed 2011 Times Square bomber in an attempt to get money from the man. At his trial, Khan said it was all an act – he claimed he wasn’t trying to get money to fund terrorism; he was trying to funnel the money to his family back in Pakistan. Yes, because anyone who wants to live would attempt to con people with connections to terrorists. Those seem exactly like the kind of people to try to swindle – I mean, shit, Khan lived in Florida, it’s literally crawling with rich old people. Yet somehow he thought it would be best to try to get money out of people with assault rifles and explosives? I’m not buying that for a minute. Khan arranged for approximately $50,000 in transfers over the course of a three-year-period before his capture.

After Khan’s arrest, attendance at the mosque where he preached has dwindled. Perhaps members of his congregation went for non-worship-related purposes…

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