Your Daily Muslim: Sharif Hussein

Sharif Hussein reaching for one of his many dildos

Sharif Hussein reaching for one of his many dildos

“The Jews, always and everywhere, supply the hypocrites, lackeys, and traitors among the Muslims – whether presidents, ministers, or leaders of secular pan-Arab movements – with money, media outlets, weapons, and so on, in order to generate confusion and strife within Muslim societies.”

Some people are just ungrateful little bitches. No matter how much care you show them, they just demand more without showing any appreciation for what you’ve given them. Australia-based Tunisian sheikh Sharif Hussein is one such individual. Despite having been allowed to live in Australia and preach his anti-western religion, Hussein didn’t want to admit how good the west had been to him. So, he went off in a fiery tirade against troops, international intervention in the middle east, and of course, Jews – because no Islamic tirade is complete without a huge serving of anti-Semitic bile.

“Tens of thousands of women were raped in Iraq by the American and British Crusader troops, aided by the Australian troops.” Uhh, bro, the crusades were 9 centuries ago. Clearly, like many of his Islamic kin, Hussein is several centuries behind the times. Also, why would any of our troops want to rape ringwraiths, dementors, or ninjas? Seriously, who would even think of raping a ringwraith?!

“The Australian participation in the Crusaders’ war on Iraq is 6%. This is out of approximately 365,000 Crusader pigs sent to Iraq, during the term of [former Australian prime minister] John Howard, Allah’s wrath be upon him.” Of course, he’s slandering the troops as being “pigs” – Muslims have some sort of vendetta against pigs I will never understand. As for Allah’s wrath, if Allah were real, I’m sure his wrath would have descended long ago.

“Listen, oh Obama, oh enemy of Allah, you who kiss the shoes and feet of the Jews. Listen! The day will come when you are trampled upon by the pure feet of the Muslims.” For one, Obama is no enemy of Allah; he stated that “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance,” and “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Now, that’s no enemy of Allah, that’s quite possibly a servant of Allah. As for Muslims having pure feet – uhh, no. Just because Muslims ritually wash their feet frequently doesn’t mean their feet aren’t filthy from walking around barefoot. Have you seen under a Muslim’s toenails? Eww.

“Oh Allah, count the Buddhists and the Hindus one by one. Oh Allah, count them and kill them to the very last one.” This Allah dude sounds like a psychopath. Why would anyone ever want to kill Buddhists? They’re super nice and peaceful – sometimes bordering on obnoxiously peaceful, sure, but the so-called “religion of peace” shouldn’t have any issues with that. Oh wait, never mind – Islam’s peace only comes after Muslims have killed everyone else.

9 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Sharif Hussein

  1. I’ve seen this cunt walk around my local shopping centre a while ago, I didn’t know who he was then – I do now,
    Our next meeting should be quite interesting….
    The media here have been trying to get hold of this piece of shit, but he’s laying low.
    And if our normally Politically Correct media is calling for his deportation you know he’s upset a lot of people.
    Ans as usual the local Islamic Society claim things are taken out of context…….

    • Not surprising coming from his fellow Muslims… hopefully the local public gives him a piece of their mind!

      • The prick has gone into hiding, but the cops are on his case for hate speech – looking at the whole tape – make sure nothing is “taken out of context” – usual bullshit.
        When the local Politically Correct eneMedia calls for his deportation you just know this moslem prick has pissed off a lot of people.

      • Hopefully he surfaces, but not in his native Tunisia… he needs to be held accountable for his jihadist hate preaching. That sounds like a good sign that the PC media is waking up!

      • Funny enough “The Advertiser” & “Sunday Mail” are owned by Murdoch, but there are a lot of left wing Journos entrenched in there. Slowly they are being weeded out.
        These are the first 2 newspapers that started off the Murdoch empire – but they’re only pimples on his bum now, wouldn’t know the day to day shit they print – if he did heads would roll.
        It will be a long time before cunt face shows himself again & you can bet some people would physically assault him. I’d just rather this POS pisses off with his family back to the shit hole he came from – you can bet your balls he’s a welfare parasite.

  2. Vendetta against pigs – ahahaha! Love it. You’re funny.

  3. Well written, deport this treasonous and sadicious monkey.

  4. Well written, deport this treasonous and sedicious monkey.

  5. lets hope allah deports him to myannmar, buddhist certainly know how to handle muzzcum

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