Your Daily Muslim: Dogan Akkaya

Dogan Akkaya

Dogan Akkaya

It has been documented that many Muslims seem to go on minding their own business, then spontaneously explode (no pun intended) into fits of jihadi rage. Canadian Muslim Dogan Akkaya, whose name suggests a Turkish background, experienced one such uncontrollable episode – aboard an airplane, no less. Passengers and airplane crew quickly intervened, but did Akkaya know something more than what he let on?

“You will hear ‘bang bang’ and everyone is going to die,” Akkaya told one of the flight attendants during his screaming frenzy. He spoke of mass murder and jihad terror attacks. Everyone on board knew they had made a mistake getting on a plane with a Muslim. The plane turned around and landed back in Montreal, and Akkaya was arrested.

Why did Akkaya issue the threats he did? What kind of plot(s) is he aware of? Terrorist groups are still at large, and still operating on Canadian soil. It’s quite possible that an investigation into Akkaya’s connections will uncover what he was truly up to. In the meantime, however, Akkaya is facing up to 10 years behind bars, where a different kind of “bang bang” will be in store for him.

9 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Dogan Akkaya

  1. Your website makes me both laugh and cry. Goodness gracious me! When will the world wake up???
    Cheers from Portugal and keep up the good work!

  2. yahu sizdemi onun kadar salaksiniz bu adamda terör deyil hic bir bok cikmaz gulmekten catliyacam simdi bunu teröris diyen valahi tam salaktir yuh be sizi yuh sanki dogani tanimiyorum simarigin teki

  3. You just made yourself look pretty stupid in front of number of ignorant – like yourself -readers you have. Only if you had done some research, rather than just jumping to a conclusion, you would have found out that this person mentally was not stable when this event had occurred. I’m sorry to inform you that, he had his court hearing last week and had all the charges against him dropped.
    Message of the day; you know what happens when you assume things right? Well, you know the rest..

  4. That is what you think, because that is what the media would like you to think. Do you know anything about 1996, Oklahoma ? 2001, the shoe bomber? etc..Were they Muslims too? Seems like you know nothing about Islam. Maybe you should read on it as well. You might change your perspective.

  5. There are a lot of acts of terrorism in the world, on a daily basis. See the definition of terrorism. It’s not being done by only one race, ethnicity or religion. Media plays a major role in what you see and hear. What you see and hear is what you know. What you don’t see or hear is what you don’t know. Of course, aside from the misconceptions as well. The most basic example I can give you is 9/11. A media puppet believes it was done by Muslims, a rational person knows that it was an inside job. My religion is Islam. I believe in kindness and peace. Most of the people in Islam believe in that too. I’m sure there are some who don’t but it doesn’t justify you generalizing a religion as a whole – as terrorism. Anyhow, I’m not going to try to prove you wrong nor will I try to explain my precious religion to you. My ultimate reason to give you an answer was because of your theoretical article based on Dogan Akkaya, who’s a close friend of mine, I’ve known for 10 years. Since your theory is proved to be wrong by the Federal Court of Canada, there are 2 possible outcomes; one being he’s actually innocent, other being Canada is supporting terrorism and trying to cover up what happened. I know which one it is but what to believe yourself, is a choice of yours.

  6. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”
    You just beat me. I will just end it here with that quote.

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