Your Daily Muslim: Montasir Nasr Ishag

Montasir Nasr Ishag

Montasir Nasr Ishag

If Orange is the New Black didn’t already teach you this, religion and meth don’t go well together. California Muslim Montasir Nasr I-shag-household-animals made the nearly-fatal mistake of believing in the angry man in the sky named Allah while out of his mind on crystal. 33-year-old Ishag, an electrical engineer, hadn’t previously been on law enforcement’s radar. That was before he charged at cops with a sword, screaming “Allahu Akbar!”

No, I didn’t make that last sentence up – this crazy meth-headed Muslim actually did that. Here’s how it went down. Living with his father, Ishag was bored and got his hands on some meth. His father called the police, claiming his son was “bipolar.” All sorts of Muslims try to blame their relatives’ jihadist rage on bipolar disorder. However, mental illness is not an excuse for Ishag’s drug-induced criminal behavior. Police showed up on the scene, only to be charged at by the sword-wielding Ishag. Though much of his screaming was incomprehensible, he repeated “Allahu Akbar!” as he began his furious advance. Police were left with no choice but to use a non-lethal shotgun blast to Ishag’s arm, causing him to drop the weapon.

The drugged-out Muslim was taken to a hospital for treatment and observation. It’s quite likely he’ll be locked up in a room with white padded walls due to his delusions of an angry pervert in the sky. Remember, Ishag was an electrical engineer – he wasn’t stupid or uneducated, and was born and raised in the USA. Remember, screams of “Allahu Akbar” and acts of jihad can come from any and all Muslims – even the seemingly westernized ones.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Montasir Nasr Ishag

  1. You still can’t fix stupid

  2. […] Montasir Nasr Ishag, charged at police with a sword screaming “Allahu Akbar” while high on meth. […]

  3. Can’t help mylsef from comparing this incidend with Jonathan Ferrell that was shot to death- 10 times, unarmed by NC policemen he was asking for help with his car that broke down.
    I wish I coul’d go back in time and have the cops switched between the two cases.

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