Your Daily Muslim: Nezaam Ali

Nezaam Ali

Nezaam Ali

Some Muslims just want to be like the prophet Muhammad, pigs be upon him. Of course, that involves poor grooming habits, cross-dressing, and child molestation. Guyanese Islamic scholar/cleric Nezaam Ali is one such Muslim.

When he isn’t neglecting the growing colony of lice in his hideous beard, Ali is either mastering the ways of the 7th century and/or practicing them. Sure, he does live in Guyana, a tiny South American nation best known for being inferior to Brazil, but that’s no excuse for his savage behavior. Ali is accused of anally molesting three boys age 12 and under at his mosque. Sure, Muhammad (pigs be upon him) molested little girls instead of boys, but I guess Ali’s following Muhammad’s footsteps as best he can considering his sexual orientation. Ali’s Facebook profile lists him as being a fan of watching wrestling (nothing homoerotic about that at all…), and he describes himself as being “always [on] top of the game.” I’ll leave that last statement up to you to anal-yze.

However, Ali’s pedophilic ways have not deterred Muslims from supporting him. Despite the charges pending against him, one mosque still requested that he lead them in prayer. Some local clerics objected, but the fact that an entire congregation of Muslims would overlook child molestation charges shows exactly how outraged they are about the crimes – not at all. Even America’s Catholics would be more infuriated. Ali ended up being convicted and will spend quite a while behind bars.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Nezaam Ali

  1. If anyone says this POS has balls, he bloody well shouldn’t have.

  2. “Ali ended up being convicted and will spend quite a while behind bars.” Where hopefully he will be on the end of some rough justice along the lines of that which he subjected the little boys to.

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