Your Daily Muslim: Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle preparing to finger-rape something

Mike Doyle preparing to finger-rape something

Looking like a rapist can’t be easy. Looking like a rapist and worshiping a child molester, however – now that’s a winning combination. That describes US Muslim convert Mike Doyle perfectly. Doyle converted to strict Salafi Islam and decided to grow a giant beard that could probably hold a hornet’s nest. After his conversion, he began spouting insanity about conspiracies, and promoting jihadist/militant causes. You know, typical Muslim stuff, hence why no one really seems to give a shit about his Facebook postings.

One day, he found a Facebook page called Islam is Shit Forever (a true statement), and immediately flipped out. “You are a sad person with little to no knowledge of Islam I’m guessing a Hindu or an apostate you can throw the same old debunked accusations about prophet Muhammad saw like he was a child molester but the fact is his enemies of his time never mentioned this cause it was the social norm to marry young women you can’t use the standards of today to judge the ancient past…” OK, for one, why do Muslims always accuse opponents of Islam of being members of various other religions? Most Muslims accuse counterjihad page admins of being Jews or Christians, but Doyle jumped to the conclusion that the Islam is Shit Forever admin was a Hindu. The accusation came without any evidence, of course, since when you have religion you don’t need evidence. Doyle’s run-on sentence grammar aside, he claims that we can’t use today’s standards to judge history. Hmm, lemme get this straight: he’s saying Muhammad’s child-molesting ways were OK and justified because he did it back then? Just because it happened doesn’t mean it was right, by ANY standard.

“You for sure don’t know me cause that would have never left your mouth it seems to me some Muslim some where in your life has given you the beat down of your life so now you sit behind a computer anonymously because you would never in your life say these things to a Muslim to their face.” Oh look, taunts and cryptic hints of violence coming from a Muslim! But- but I thought Islam was the religion of peace?! Scrawny-ass Doyle would get his ass kicked by Muhammad’s 6-year-old wife, Aisha, whom he claims was not prepubescent at age 9 when Muhammad, pigs be upon him, molested her.

“May Allah release you from this senseless anger & guide you to His religion or break your back for your slander of Islam & the last prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.” Oh wow, that’s really peaceful. May Allah either make you conform and be a Muslim or cripple you. Muhammad, pigs be upon him, should be slandered. He was a pedophile, a warlord, and an awful exemplar to base your life around. However, to Doyle, Islam is more important than tolerance and respect for other beliefs. His Islamic beliefs supersede his nationality (American), and he clearly supports his religion more than the Constitution. Perhaps he should consider a move to a territory more in line with his beliefs.

Speaking of Islamic c(o)untries, Doyle shares lots of posts from Syrian mujahideen (jihadis), including videos. He has publicly voiced his support for Jabhat al-Nusra, a jihadi militant brigade, as well as Osama bin Laden. However, despite all the anti-Semitic bile he spreads on Facebook, the US government probably doesn’t have him on a terrorist watch list because he’s a Muslim and that would be profiling, whereas I’m sure they’re watching me for being an outspoken small-government advocate and counterjihadist. What a strange, f**ked-up world we live in.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mike Doyle

  1. (…) I’m guessing a Hindu or an apostate (…)
    As you pointed out it is a usual “accusation” that critics of Islam(ism) belong to a religion other then Islam but to be fair I was surpiresed that he chose Hindu. I thought that he was going for Jew/Zionist.
    Another favourite “accusation” is normally about sexual orientation (I’m surprised that this was left out this time). The advantage of that is of course that it can be combined with the guesses about religious affilitation.

  2. I guess , he’s into bacha bazi .

  3. I wonder if Doyle realises that by using the “You can’t judge Mo by today’s standards” apologia he torpedoes and sinks the Islamic theological position that ol’Mo is the “ihsan al-Kamel” (NO, NOT “insane camel”) but “being made perfect” (yeah, I know!) who’s “perfect example” (right!) applies for all times and places.
    In other words, Doyle is actually admitting that ol’Mo isn’t the prophet – merely a prophet for his times (and I’m being generous).

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