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Your Daily Muslim: Talal al-Sharif

Talal al-Sharif - a product of the late 70's and the 7th century

Talal al-Sharif – a product of the late 70’s and the 7th century

Some Muslims can’t restrain their violent urges. Islam commands its followers to kill unbelievers (Qur. 8:12), but some Muslims have gotta get their violence on even when there are’t any kuffar (infidels) around to massacre. Meet Jordanian MP Talal al-Sharif, a regular dude who ended up in politics. al-Sharif got into a debate with another parliamentarian, and he couldn’t take the heat. He ran out to his car not to take a breather or collect his thoughts, but rather to get his AK-47 and head right back into the meeting chamber.

After getting his ass handed to him, al-Sharif felt he needed to restore his honor and regain some lost respect, so what better way than to march back in with an assault rifle? He opened fire, but not before a female parliamentarian was able to thrust his gun toward the ceiling. He sprayed bullets at the walls across the room. No one was seriously injured. Other parliamentarians were deeply shocked by al-Sharif’s behavior, and demanded his removal from parliament. I think he should be removed from free society as well; he seems like a threat and should certainly be considered armed and dangerous.

This post happens to have a happy ending – al-Sharif was permanently removed from office on September 22, 2013.

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