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Your Daily Muslim: Ali Mao Aweys

This post contains graphic descriptions of violence. Reader discretion is strongly recommended.

A truly sick man.

A truly sick man.

Most doctors are reputable, upstanding members of the community, and UK-based Somali Muslim dentist Dr. Ali Mao Aweys is no different. As a devout Muslim and member of the local Islamic community, he offered his expertise when it was asked of him. Though personally unable to perform the procedure many local Muslims were asking him about, Aweys knew a guy, so he helped his Muslim bro out and referred the patients to him. He didn’t care that the procedure was illegal, painful, and physically and psychologically scarring.

The procedure of female genital mutilation (clitoridectomy) involves a clamp being placed around the clitoris. The skin is then stretched, pulled, and sliced off at the base with a blade. Most who undergo clitoridectomy are also the lucky recipients of labia removal, which involves the use of a razorblade to slice off the inner and/or outer labia. This leaves a much larger wound, which greatly increases the risk of infection as no legitimate doctor performs this barbaric and unnecessary practice; only savages do. Aweys knows one such savage, and probably pocketed a “patient referral fee.”

Aweys referred the parents of two girls, aged 10 and 13, to Dr. Omar Sheikh Mohamed Addow, a Muslim dentist who specialized in clitoris removal. Addow reportedly offered to charge the couple £750 for both procedures. Apparently to Muslims, mutilating your kids is more important than raising them to be responsible citizens. Any parent who thinks that putting their child through this torture is a monster. Thankfully, British media got wind of the story, and an investigation into both men has been launched. However, it is widely believed that clitoridectomies are happening on a covert, widespread basis in the UK Islamic community.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Ali Mao Aweys

  1. I hope they perform a similar operation on these two…..hopefully complete removal of genitals and testes….without anesthetic of course…..!!!!!!!!!!!!

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