Your Daily Muslim: Mohammad Ahmad Hasan Qatanani

Mohammad Ahmad Hasan Qatanani

Mohammad Ahmad Hasan Qatanani

New Jersey imam Mohammad Ahmad Hasan Qatanani needs to get out of this country. Instead of embracing the constitution and the freedoms it provides, instead he’s calling for the abolition of free speech. He claims that speech that is anti-Islamic poses a threat to national security.

Why would that be, you ask? Well, because psychological primitives who follow Islam lash out violently at anything that criticizes their invisible pervert in the sky. Why, however, should we as free-thinking people censor ourselves so uncivilized folks don’t attack us? Why must we hold Muslims to a lower standard of behavior instead of demanding that they shape up or get out? Qatanani commented: “We, as Americans, have to put limits and borders [on] freedom of speech… [Americans] have no right to [talk about Muslim] holy issues.” Uhh, everyone has every right to talk about every subject, it’s called the first amendment, you dumbshit. Yes, this also means that white people have a right to talk about race, sorry, leftards. When Muslim holy issues involve worldwide bombing sprees like the annual Ramadan Bombathon and barbaric animal slaughter (Eid al-Adha), you bet your ass we’re gonna be talking about Muslim holy issues.

Qatanani stated that he believed those who criticize Islam or Muhammad, pigs be upon him, incite violence. They aren’t acting violently. The only reason there’s any violence is because childish Muslims never learned how to control themselves or have rational discourse. It’s on the Muslims to stop the violence, since they’re the ones who are causing it. Trying to pass the blame onto the west is intellectually disingenuous, as our free criticism of Islam could be met with an intellectual rebuttal instead of violence from the Muslims. However, knowing Muslims, the cycle of violence is far from over. Qatanani’s attempt to encourage sharia imposition angered the few who heard about it – he didn’t get much of any mainstream media coverage because the left-wing media didn’t want to make their favorite pet minority look bad.

Qatanani also called upon the Department of Homeland Security to arrest artists and filmmakers who produced works critical of Islam. He said this would be a national security issue because “[Muslims] will not accept, in any way, anybody who talks badly about Muhammad.” Of course it’s a national security issue; Muslims love to wage jihad. Also, Muhammad, pigs be upon him, deserves to be insulted. He was a pedophile and a warlord, not a divinely-ordained moral exemplar.

When numerous Muslims were sentenced as part of the Holy Land Foundation trial, a case involving a “charity” that funneled money to Hamas, Qatanani immediately came to the defense of the convicted: “I ask God Almighty in this hour to release the relative of our brother Abu Ibrahim, and his brother of the Holy Land Foundation who were sentenced two days ago with a sentence I believe was unjust, and was not impartial and correct.” Uhh, they funneled money to Hamas. That’s illegal. They deserve to be behind bars, not walking our streets and getting tax benefits for donating to jihad.

“You see now you should do jihad or struggle, to change evil doing… It is the highest thing do to, the struggle.” Yep, completely compatible with our western values. He completely wants to be here and is an amazing cultural asset to our nation. …good God, when will the left wing pull their heads out of their asses and realize Islam will NEVER be compatible with our secular values?!

The hatred and vitriol don’t stop there. Qatanani hates the evil gays too. “Some of the brothers come to me, some people in West that say that homosexuality is a genetic thing. And somebody comes teaching at the university arguing that homosexuality, that is a natural state of affairs that you should not oppose. You are mesmerized by such a discourse, that there are, the Lord that is to be followed and worshiped and there are the absolute example. Allah subhanaahu wa ta’ala if He makes homosexuality unacceptable, it is unacceptable…” I wonder if Qatanani has ever met a single gay person. I highly doubt it, because we all know what happens to gays in the Islamic community. Perhaps a group of gays should pay his mosque a visit and educate him that homosexuality is not a choice.

Qatanani’s background is “Palestinian.” He was arrested overseas in the 1990s for his involvement in Hamas-linked riots in “Palestine.” He has also frequently spoken out against Israel, claiming that the entirety of its territory belongs to “Palestine.” He omitted his Hamas ties when he applied for a green card to come to the US, a fact which almost got his sorry ass deported in 2008. However, unfortunately, we’re still stuck with him.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mohammad Ahmad Hasan Qatanani

  1. There is no such thing as a “gay gene” or ” being born that way” God did not make these sodomites (homosexuals) the way they are. It is lie that was concocted by these godless sodomites as a stupid excuse so they do not have to change. If they can make-believe they were born that way, then they can use it as an illiterate excuse to remain the sodomite they are. Muhammad was nothing more than a murdering child-molesting pervert, and so are the illiterate inbred backwoods sand monkeys that take an innocent teenage girl, rapes her against her will, then forces his victim to either convert to Islam and marry the monster that viciously raped her or die. Allah is Chaldean Hebrew for Satan and is also a Babylonian pagan moon god created by Satan to use to destroy Christians and Jews. That is satan’s (allah’s) goal in this life.

  2. why would anyone choose to be gay……? these people suffer on a daily basis because of who they are. I personally may not agree with being gay, but my GOD, and his son, JESUS CHRIST tell me it is not my place to judge.

  3. he’s a buddy of Gov Chris Christie – The Fat Man is a denier.

    • the amount of hate written here is hypocritical of this entire article. Also to say the word Allah means Satan is bologna. you cant take any imformation you like and spread it without seeing if its true or not and then call other people ignorant. I think people have a very skewed idea of what Islam is…and its because they wont bother just opening the Quran and just ya know..reading it..see whats actually in that thing. smh the first pages literally say that the Bible and Torah are true books from God and Muslims are a part of that. All this hate is manifested not from Islam, but from the lack of knowledge. Get knowledge and get them from the right sources if you dont want to be so angry. Angry people are usually wrong (whatever religion they are) Just sayin….

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