Your Daily Muslim: Nusaybah bint Kaab

Nusaybah Bin-Bag Kaab properly representing the life-affirming and peaceful teachings of Islam

Nusaybah Bin-Bag Kaab properly representing the life-affirming and peaceful teachings of Islam

Some people don’t realize that everyone was on their side all along until it’s too late. Nusaybah “Nuisance” bint Kaab, also known as Nusaybah al-Sooriya, was a normal American woman living an ordinary life as a Christian. After 9/11, Kaab’s interest in Islam grew, and she turned to none other than sheikh Osama bin Laden to learn more about the religion. Enthralled by its teachings of child marriage, wife-beating, and war against infidels, Kaab converted to Islam. To this day, she claims she is “strongly influenced by the words of sheikh Osama bin Laden” and openly supports the worldwide implementation of sharia law.

Upon her conversion, her friends and family realized the bitch had lost it, and promptly unfriended her on Facebook and ignored her in person, since she had started to walk around wearing black drapery. Upset, Kaab turned to Allah for guidance. The voices in her head told her to travel to the middle east, where she wouldn’t be looked at as being crazy because most of the people over there suffer from a similar psychosis. She claims to feel “betrayed” by those who were close to her, but who betrayed who – the one who kicked the jihadist out of their life, or the one who basically declared war on her own country by means of her allegiance?

Kaab traveled to Gaza, where she worked as a nurse. After realizing that Gaza is kind of a dump, she went to Jordan, then Yemen, making more jihadi connections along the way. I have no idea where she got all the money for these trips – these terrorist types always seem to have bottomless pockets. I don’t get it. Kaab made sure to stay away from the non-“Palestine” area of Israel, since she hates Israel, along with the US, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. She claims those countries are being run by “kuffar” [infidels] or “munafiqeen” [hypocrites].

Currently, Kaab is in Syria, waging jihad with al Qaeda-linked rebels against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. When she isn’t waving a gun, dressing up like a ringwraith, or screaming “Allahu Akbar,” she’s on Facebook, harassing counterjihad pages and spamming jihadist propaganda. She claims western media is “kuffar news” and tells her Facebook followers not to trust it. Sure, everyone knows MSNBC is a bunch of leftist propaganda, but many other western media outlets still report some facts mixed in with all the sensationalism and opinion.

On the overthrow of the Muslim brotherhood regime in Egypt, Kaab whined: “I’m told a ‘Pro-Democracy’ march/protest is going on right now in Nasr City. When are our brothers and sisters going to do a ‘Pro-Shariah’ march/protest. My brothers and sisters in Egypt, you need to wake up. Allah showed you already that Democracy doesn’t work. He’s told you in the Quran and still you insist?” Actually, democracy does work – just look at the failure of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt before criticizing democracy. Now tell me sharia-based laws are as good as democracy. Kaab has also praised the killing of Egyptian security forces, whom she claims are in rebellion against Allah.

Kaab also praised the September 12 suicide bombing of a US-NATO base in Herat province, Afghanistan. She called the bombing a “martyrdom operation” against the “Taghout” [rebels against Allah]. How a typical American woman turns into a crazed Muslim maniac is beyond me. Why would anyone choose an imaginary sky-friend over a stable life with a good social circle?

Some of Kaab’s favorite Qur’an verses are among the most tolerant in the entire book, such as Qur. 4:138-140: “Give tidings to the hypocrites that there is for them a painful punishment – Those who take disbelievers as allies instead of the believers… Allah will gather the hypocrites and disbelievers in Hell all together.” Yet again, we see the true stance of Islam toward non-Muslims. There are all sorts of similar passages in the Qur’an and Hadith, and any Muslim who claims to believe in those hate books sure as hell believes in those vile passages. The books are the motivation behind the bloodshed. Don’t let any deluded liberal tell you otherwise.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Nusaybah bint Kaab

  1. I suspect she finds it a relief to walk around in a glad disposable garbage bag to hide the fact that she probably fell out of the ugly tree early on in life and hit every branch on the way down…I’m thinking of converting myself since wearing a burka woul hide the fact that my husband left me, i’m overweight and being now over 50 years old…its highly unlikely I’ll ever get another man!!

    • no…don’t give up!!!!! It’s hard to lost weight after 50 – but it can be done (I should know). But – it is not impossible – stat walking – just a little bit & leave out one unhealthy snack a day – start slow….it will happen..

  2. My, isn’t she lovely? Those girls really know how to dress!

  3. Aside from the discussions about how ugly she might be or about her horrible ‘fashion’ sense, this woman has proved she was a psychopath back then (on September 11 and after, maybe before) and she’s a psychopath now

    One must be rotten inside to convert to this nefarious cult after knowing its real teachings, the same truth that escapes the minds of ‘idealistic’ people, of utopians (aka fools) who are driven to this insanity by their own weak minds, muslim liars and their lies.

    This woman is an incarnation of evil.

  4. Care to source any of your passionately worded sentiments? No? Good, in that case, this sensational ‘Nusaybah’ of yours is practically nonexistent. She is a deliberate concoction and I find it a rather feeble attempt on your part, considering you haven’t credited your fictional character with a whit of sanity or humanity, thus rendering her, as I have already said, practically nonexistent.

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