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Your Daily Muslim: Shaheda Lorgat

She's doing us all a favor by covering her face.

She’s doing us all a favor by covering her face.

UK Muslimah Shaheda Lorgat is a naughty, naughty lady. Realizing that people who wear the traditional Islamic ninja costume don’t get very far in life because everyone else thinks they’re gonna rob banks, Lorgat did something similar, but less violent: she stole money from the college she worked at. She was probably hired due to some “diversity quota” or some other liberal political-correctness crap, since most uncovered people feel a certain defined unease around someone who could easily strap a bomb under their clothes and no one would know.

Lorgat worked at a public university as a purchasing officer, so it was taxpayers’ money she stole. She used the pilfered funds to pay off her personal debt and take a trip to a popular jihadi hotspot, Florida. It is unknown exactly what she did in Florida, as ninjas like herself can’t really go out in public there without sweating half to death underneath their thick, dark clothes.

She was forced to take a mugshot with her face uncovered, though she was allowed to keep her hair hidden under the ninja costume. Authorities ruled that her mugshot be distributed publicly like any other criminal’s, citing that crimes such as Lorgat’s should not be tolerated. Lorgat’s trial is ongoing, and she will most likely be convicted due to the overwhelming evidence against her.

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