Your Daily Muslim: Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola


Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola

Oppression sucks. However, many Muslimahs embrace the culture/religion that prevents them from truly appreciating their bodies and enjoying numerous liberties. Nigerian Muslimah Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola loves being oppressed so much, she traveled halfway across the globe to Indonesia to compete in a competition of the least psychologically-liberated people on the planet.

The Muslimah World “beauty” (read: oppression) pageant was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was juxtaposed against the Miss World pageant, an event which drew ire from Indonesian Muslims because it involved a bikini contest. The bikini contest was cancelled this year due to threats from crazy Islamists, many of whom staged protests against the event. However, even without the bikini contest, Miss World was still seen as a “whore contest” by many Muslims, hence the creation of Muslimah World.

Ajibola probably raised the money for her trip by scamming unsuspecting westerners out of thousands of dollars over email, a common career path in Nigeria. The contest involved a “beauty” element that was probably judged based on the ornateness of the droopy drapery each contestant wore. The women were required to wear headbags because Islam doesn’t really have a good track record with giving women the freedoms they deserve. “We’re just trying to show the world that Islam is beautiful,” Ajibola stated. “We are free and the hijab is our pride.” If you were free, you wouldn’t be forced to wear the headbag all the time. As for Islam being beautiful – maybe if you’re a pedophile and are into the whole child marriage thing… but to any sane person who values human life and human rights, Islam is downright ugly.

Contestants were then asked to mindlessly recite verses from the Qur’an, in true Islamic fashion. Verse recitation was chosen over critical analysis and thinking, because those lead to apostasy from Islam. After the mindless babbling section came another mindless babbling test, where contestants were asked to provide their views on Islam in the world today. Unfortunately, I doubt many of them condemned the widespread jihad honor killings, female genital mutilation, etc. for fear of offending the judges, who consisted of high-ranking clerics and Islamic scholars.

After properly demonstrating her lack of critical reasoning abilities, the judges chose Ajibola as the winner. It’s quite possible that her middle name, which is similar to that of Muhammad (pigs be upon him)’s child bride, evoked certain urges in the judges, thus influencing her victory. She immediately broke down crying, before praying and reciting more Qur’an verses in an almost ritualistic fashion. She won $2,200 as well as trips to Mecca and India.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola

  1. Muslim woman make me sick, they have no idea about life free from oppression and condemn us?
    All you woman are good for is to take the shit that’s been dealt out to you and live a life that could have been a assess to the world instead of a useless and degrading waste of time, resources and space.
    Why don’t you all do yourselves and us a favour and stay in your countries and leave the rest of the world alone

    • That is an extremely ignorant response to all muslim women!! Never mind disrespectful to another human being. First of all as a Sufi, secondly as a muslim women, who does have the right to choose to wear hijab or not, I don’t find half naked or fully naked women liberated at all. However if that is how they choose to go about life, then so be it, their choice because really I prefer freedom of choice and I do choose when and where to wear hijab. I agree, the actions of many muslims and muslimahs are horrific, destructive, abhorrent however there are many muslims who DO NOT subscribe to this behaviour in any way.

  2. Isn’t she lovely? Now she can return to Nigeria, marry some really old man, and start pumping out little Muslim babies. She’ll be barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen, hidden from the sun, and under his thumb (or that of her mother-in-law, any other wives, any males-in-law, or her sons). Better luck in your next life, kiddo…!



  5. Congratulations…Very proud of you.

  6. Is this what happens to moslems when they eat pigs? She is one ugly!

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