Your Daily Muslim: Shazzat Hossain

Shazzat Hossain

This post contains strong adult language, adult thematic material, and descriptions of violence including torture. Reader discretion is strongly recommended.

Muslims are terrible at realizing when they’re just making fools of themselves, and are incredibly easy to goad into further self-humiliation. Teenage UK Muslim Shazzat Hossain found the Allah Sucks Facebook page and immediately started flipping shit like a psychological primitive. He really should’ve given up from the get-go, but instead dragged his feet in the mud and ended up getting an intellectual thrashing he probably won’t soon forget.

Here’s how it began:


Hossain then threw several “go f**k yer mum”s at the page, along with a couple thinly-veiled threats of violence and rape. After asking the page to block him and not respond, he kept raging as the Allah Sucks admins continued their relentless assault on the pitiful, whimpering Hossain.


He then tried groveling at the admins to stop contacting him, but shortly thereafter realized it would be to no avail, so the messages got even more violent. I find it strange and possibly rather telling how incest is always at the forefront of 15-year-old Hossain’s mind.


After getting laughed at several more times for his impulses to rape and murder, the delinquent teen unleashed his most grotesque rant yet, replete with racism, torture, and incest:


These are the kinds of people that are being raised in the UK. These are the children of the Muslim family down the street. They are not in the west to integrate, and they don’t stand for our secular, free values. I fear for our future, since this next generation will soon be bearing children…

27 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Shazzat Hossain

  1. It is nothing, it is worse than the rats that swim in poo and eat anything, calling it he is a insult to every man except muslim men, they are all the same

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  3. The teen is representative of a whole range of street-educated Muslim kids I’m afraid. Wonder if he will make a piece sometime. More likely that he, all his days, is going to be off social welfare.

  4. […] comment was also posted on the same video. That’s like Shazzat Hossain or Muhammad Ahmad Mankosh levels of foaming-at-the-mouth rage. Such specimens are normally only […]

  5. i pity your feeble minded non-Muslims. and to Stephen tweed the whites were not native to Britain it was the Romans and Anglo-Saxons(get your facts right!). such propaganda seems to poison the mind of you fools, i would expect such peasants to dwell in mud like a pig and be on welfare benefits adding nothing to the economy but feeding of it while the ‘immigrants’ work to get money to help you. i pity you.

  6. Everybody come to my house london E3 2QX, Free pizza for everyone. And I’m getting some bitches we can fuck, what do you say?

    My house (this shit happens all day nigga)

  7. By the way not all Muslim are like this we treat everyone equaly

  8. Shazzat or shitzat is always like this and this is true, but not all muslims are like this. Shitzat is a horny, little boy who always likes to hump things even my dog! He is a disgrace, this is not what a muslim is. I saw him touching his sister up and that in my opinion is disgusting.

    shitzat you pig fucker, i khow what you did to your sister! and you horny little fucker, im gonna find you in tower hamlets college in poplar.

    • Silly looking white fatshit, go back to your white coloured family

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  9. What is going on here guys, this is soem fucked up shit. And i went to Quans house, fucked 3 bitches, great party XD. and shitzat fuck off mate you retard, little black rat. Plus whoever wants to fuck more bitches with me adn my best mate quan we are doing a round 2. Same place and pizza is avaliable.

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  10. hey alfred and quan can i join you? and bring shazzat along he can hump a sausage since hes gay and keep him away from my dog lol XD

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