Your Daily Muslim: Aishah Azmi

Halloween is every day for Muslims

Halloween is every day for Muslims

Named after Muhammad’s 6-year-old bride, UK Muslimah Aishah Azmi wanted to stir the pot. She was hired at a Church of England faith school as an “ethnic minority achievement curriculum support assistant.” In other words, a political-correctness-driven position that she probably got simply for her ethnic minority and/or Muslim background. A large portion of her job was to teach immigrant kids how to keep from butchering the English language. However, when she was asked to assist a male teacher, Azmi transformed into a frightening ringwraith.

Unable to bear the thought of a man looking upon her countenance, Azmi put on the niqab, and walked into the classroom in ringwraith form. Its students were rightly horrified since the class had nothing to do with walking into Mordor or killing midgets with hairy feet. Azmi had been hired while wearing the Islamic headbag, but with her face exposed. The ringwraith attempted to justify its transformation, claiming it was required of women to fully cover their faces around non-related men. This assertion was based on fatwas it had heard from fundamentalist imams whose word it took to heart. This is fairly typical behavior for Muslims – they don’t question what their religious “superiors” ask of them, regardless how obscene or silly.

The ringwraith was then asked to show its face when around students, since many of the children found its presence to be unnerving. Gee, I wonder why, perhaps it’s because fully-cloaked, unidentifiable menaces are villains in like every epic fantasy movie ever? The ringwraith’s speech was also reportedly less comprehensible. However, that didn’t stop it from trying to talk to the children, who probably shivered in fear each time it passed by.

Apparently the ringwraith spawned an offspring with its mate. The exact process by which the infant was formed remains up to speculation, but I would imagine it’s something akin to how people are turned into vampires in True Blood.

The ringwraith was suspended, then dismissed from its position after refusing to de-cloak. Of course, like any nefarious villain that refuses to surrender or die, it took its case to court. “Ministers’ intervention in my case, against the code, makes me fearful of the consequences for Muslim women in this country who want to work,” said the ringwraith when interviewed. “Muslim women who wear the veil are not aliens. Politicians need to recognize that what they say can have a very dangerous impact on the lives of the minorities they treat as outcasts.” I wonder why ringwraiths are outcasts… hmm… could it possibly be the horror they instill in others, or the complete unwillingness to integrate into the society which they claim to be a part of? They are parasites, predators who prey upon the boundless naïveté of politically-correct leftist cretins. As for not being aliens – uhh, they could very well be, there’s no way to tell what’s underneath the black cloth.

Thankfully, the ringwraith didn’t get its job back, but it was given £1,100 for “victimization.” The real victims are the children in its classroom, who probably had to hear it babbling about jihad and the eye of Allah and/or Sauron.

During and after its court case, the ringwraith got all the attention it could possibly want, getting bludgeoned by the media and intellectually obliterated time and time again, like this interview.

9 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Aishah Azmi

  1. but it was given £1,100 for “victimization.”

    WHAT?! Refusing to take orders = victimisation?

  2. £1100.00 for “victimization?” This ruling is complete nonsense on the part of the UK! And I fault the C of E and it’s offshoot the Episcopal Church (my church) for being the pitiful milquetoasts that they are!

  3. lets put simply shall we
    this is the united kingdom and if any male/female citizen was to walk down the street wearing say a balaclava you would be arrested for concelling your identidy
    fi you then walked into a shop/buisness they wouldn’t serve you and if its a bank then your be in big trouble.(dont try this anyone,,even if u want to make a point)
    muslims ha ve been living amoungst use for years and years in this country and for the most of them living in perfect harmony among us
    so who r the 1s that are coming to r great country, bleeding are goverment dry in hand outs, burning r flag and calling us racist, and dont EVER EVER EVER forget poor LEE RIGBY who was murdered in the name of muslims
    if u want to be a uk citizen then we have rules that we as the people listen,serve and respect and if u cant and we english are so BAD

  4. I wish the school would have been forced to take her back. Any institution stupid enough to have a Politically correct job position should be forced to live with the consequences.

  5. THIS is an ANTI muslim link

  6. […] Aishah Azmi, teaching assistant who refused to remove the niqab (ninja costume) because an unrelated male teacher was in the room with her, caused a huge legal commotion when she was fired. […]

  7. I too find it ridiculous when women choose to wear the niqa and then proceed to have a conversation with someone. If they choose to wear a niqa then really they shouldn’t be speaking at all. It is sad that so many muslims are ignorant and put blind faith in their manipulative, self serving imans. I think it is sad that there is a site like this because it just shows how much abhorrent behaviour goes on in the muslim world. Not all of us are ignorant, manipulative, inflexible and intolernat of non-muslims, some of choose to live lives of compassion and understanding of all humanity.

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