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Your Daily Muslim: Chiheb Esseghaier

Islam: a crime against proper personal upkeep

Islam: a crime against proper personal upkeep

Tunisian Muslim Chiheb Esseghaier (don’t even try to pronounce it) was up to no good in Montreal, Quebec. Instead of enjoying what the west has to offer like drinking, gambling, and plenty of sexual prospects, Esseghaier decided he was too holy for any of that awesomeness and instead wanted to wage jihad. Esseghaier, a doctoral student at the Université du Québec, was notorious for being loud, disruptive, and a general nuisance – not too different from most Muslim men. He had traveled to Iran a few months before the plot after having met a jihadi online and allegedly became radicalized through this influence. However, I suspect he only met the jihadi because he wanted to wage jihad in the first place. The urge to cause trouble doesn’t just fall upon these Muslims, they actively seek out ways to get into “radical” Islam. However, as Esseghaier himself will tell you, there is no such thing as radical Islam.

Instead of plotting to blow shit up like most Muslims, Esseghaier and his “Palestinian” co-conspirator Raed Jaser planned a less typical jihad attack. The two planned to derail or disrupt a train that runs between Canada and New York, hoping for massive casualties. It is believed they are connected to terror group Jundallah. However, an informant from within the Muslim community probably got jealous that the two men’s unique jihad plot was far more inventive than anything he could think up, so he tipped off Canadian authorities. Esseghaier and Jaser were arrested. That’s where the real drama began.

Esseghaier refused to hire an attorney because he dismissed the Canadian criminal code as being fallacious, claiming it was “not a holy book.” He demanded a lawyer who would use the Qur’an as a legal code instead of Canadian law. If he hates Canadian law so much, why didn’t he just go back to Tunisia? Why do Muslims insist on insulting our traditions and laws, yet call us “bigoted” or the (intellectually disingenuous in this context) “racist” when we oppose their disrespectful behavior? Islamic law cannot and will never be able to coexist with western law and society.

In his final court appearance, a female security officer tried to escort Esseghaier out, but he lurched away from her and barked at her, “you are not my wife!” Uhh, dude, that’s probably the last time a woman’s ever gonna touch you in any way since you’re never gonna be a free man again, take what you can get. Islam doesn’t allow contact between unrelated men and women, and somehow we’re supposed to believe the religion is peaceful not sexist, and life-affirming.

Esseghaier, when interviewed after his capture, said that he had become more devout after joining a Muslim student group at his university and attending a local mosque. He claimed that 9/11 was “only a tap on the cheek” compared to the alleged violence against Muslims perpetrated by the US, Israel, and other allied countries. Maybe if Muslims didn’t attack us, we wouldn’t invade their hellholes as often. He also said that he was “only a drop of water in the sea,” suggesting he knew of many others like him. Perhaps the most chilling statement of all that he made was that there was no “radical” or “moderate” Islam – “there is only one Islam.” The Islam the quiet Muslim family down the street practices is the same faith practiced by al Qaeda.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Chiheb Esseghaier

  1. what a sad excuse for a human being. His rationale, if one can call it that, does not belong in a civilized country and is totally
    contra to our Western way of thinking. Bundle the creep up, stick a stamp on his uguly head and post him back to Tunisia. Then it would be good ridance to bad trash!

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