Your Daily Muslim: Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud

The face of a monster.

The face of a monster.

“Tonight you die, Rofayda.”

Seventeen-year-old Palestinian girl Rofayda Qaoud was minding her own business. She didn’t instigate anything, nor did she bring anything upon herself. However, that didn’t stop two of her older brothers from raping her. Of course, since the Qaoud family is Islamic, the woman is always seen as the one at fault even if she is the victim. Rofayda was impregnated by one of her brothers but kept her head up after the attack – despite the fact that her mother, Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud, and her father did not punish the two brothers who raped her. Unfortunately, Islam also forbids abortion, leaving Rofayda with few options regarding the pregnancy.

Rofayda was taken to a hospital for a broken leg. Qaoud claims her daughter “fell over and broke her knee,” but that is highly suspect. While there, a doctor discovered that the girl was eight months pregnant. She was taken to a women’s shelter and gave birth. The inbred child was adopted by a Palestinian family. After the birth, Rofayda asked to return to her family, likely because she felt she had nowhere else to go. By now, news of what had happened had come to light. The local governor tried to get the family to pledge not to harm Rofayda again, but couldn’t get a firm “no” out of any of the family members.

Upon Rofayda’s return, Qaoud said the shame of her out-of-wedlock pregnancy was “unbearable.” Apparently the entire neighborhood distanced themselves from the Qaoud family, not because they’re monsters who cover up for rapists and abuse their daughter, but because somehow their daughter getting raped sullied the family’s image. Instead of having taken her daughter to an abortion clinic overseas or at the very least attempting an abortion to prevent this spiraling trainwreck from happening in the first place, Qaoud gave Rofayda razors with which to commit suicide.

Wait, a Muslim committing suicide by a means other than blowing themselves up? Yes, I know it’s weird, but back on topic: the fact that a mother would tell her daughter to kill herself for being raped is one of the most inhumane acts I’ve ever heard of. Rofayda, however, remained strong. She was determined not to let this tragedy and the betrayal of her family destroy her. She sent a letter saying she was in danger to a counselor and police were contacted regarding the case, but claimed to be unable to help due to Israeli checkpoints. They probably didn’t want to get involved because they agreed with what they knew was inevitable.

Seeing that Rofayda hadn’t killed herself, Qaoud consulted her husband about what to do next. When she suggested an honor killing to him, he told her that such acts were forbidden by the Qur’an (they aren’t; Qur. 18:65-81) and that she shouldn’t kill her daughter. However, Qaoud decided that restoring the family’s “honor” was worth being beaten for disobedience (Qur. 4:34), and went ahead with her plot. After sending her husband and three of her nine offspring away for the night, she grabbed a plastic bag, a razor, and a thick wooden stick before ambushing Rofayda while she was sleeping. Qaoud wrapped the bag around her daughter’s head, then picked up the razor with her free hand. “Tonight you die, Rofayda,” Qaoud told her daughter before the blade dug into Rofayda’s wrists. Rofayda woke up, screaming, “no, mother, no!” Qaoud ignored her daughter’s cries and hit her over the head with the wooden stick. Rofayda bled out shortly thereafter.

Unable to cover up the crime any longer, Qaoud turned herself in. When asked to comment, she explained: “She killed me before I killed her. I had to protect my children. This is the only way I could protect my family’s honor.” Uhh, you could’ve turned your depraved sons in, helped your daughter get an abortion/get on plan B, or (at the very least) helped her through the trauma. If you really wanted to protect your children, you would’ve turned those rapists in. But no, instead you chose to be a morally-backward seventh-century monster who values the opinions of your fellow seventh-century anachronisms more than your own daughter’s life. If anyone should kill themselves out of shame, it’s you, Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud.

After spending four months behind bars, she was released pending the outcome of her trial. Crimes such as Qaoud’s in Palestine normally earn the offender a measly three to five years behind bars. Qaoud was sentenced to two. The sons who raped Rofayda are serving 10-year sentences. At home, Qaoud convinced her other children that the killing was justified. “My mother did this because she does not want us to be punished by people,” Qaoud’s youngest daughter, Fatima, said. “I love my mother much more now than before.”

41 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud

  1. The wise and venerable Hillary Clinton wants to make our own society one of honor and shaming in order to keep Islam from being criticized. She’s practically this woman’s ideological sister!
    I’m an old woman myself, and I’m sick of other foolish and arrogant old women giving us a bad name!
    I am so ancient that I remember the Roman Empire . . . from school!

    • Amen & amen…Clinton is among a long list of Western dhimmis who think they can use Islam to foist their own vision of control and authoritarianism on us “little people.” The Lord rebuke them.

  2. This is sick…..so sick that this ‘Bitch’ should be named Muzzie of the year………………I’m going to vomit…..Oz



    • ALL religious scum need to be ”REMOVED ” FROM THE EARTH ! YOU ARE AS SICK AS THE MUZZRAT FILTH !

      • Name one example of anyone other than Christians and Jews who have stood up to Islam and their violent, supremacist, authoritarian, socialist, cleptocratic, misogynist, abusive, medieval, retrograde imperatives. Look around you….the atheists mostly are silent or actually support Islam…that’s because Islam and atheism end at the same point…hate, violence, abuse, intolerance and mutual disdain for liberty.

      • Bill, as an atheist I can assure you that you are an evil shit head- as bad as any islamist. Proof of Hitchens’ quote- “religion poisons everything”- your mind being an example.

  4. Beyond sick!!!!!!

  5. This kind of thing is happening all the time. In many of the “enlightened countries” the female victim is flogged then hanged as public entertainment by the local religious zealots. Why are we humans encouraging people who agree with such barbarism to settle in our homelands?

    • My personal opinion is the two brothers should have had their genitals cut off. The mother should have both of her hands cut off. What is wrong with the brothers that they can’t control themselves. Maybe they are so disgusting that they can’t get a girl to marry them.or maybe they couldn’t even pay a woman to have sex with them. What disgusting pigs and the parents who raised them.

  6. A brother killed his sister in an honor killing for not marrying the man chosen for her, a cousin, he said a female is nothing, you break a plate you sweep it up and never think about that plate again, that was my sister and that is all women.
    I wonder since she killed her daughter, if Amira Aaqoud’s social calendar is booked up with brunches and shopping dates in the ‘hood, now that their raping, murdering family’s honor has been restored?

  7. This is the shittest thing I’ve ever red . I am a muslim, but I don’t know and I don’t understand how could a mother do this to her daughter . She deserves hellll !

    • I agree. I just don’t understand how a mother can do this (no matter what religion).

    • is there a Muslim on this site called “Harriet” that just said “that’s the shittest thing Iv heard” yeah like we believe you. your just hear to spread bullshit of how good of poeple you are that might of worked in Obama’s stupid speeches.but hear people get truth. and by the way if your a Muslim and your a female then
      you are ordered by your god to cut your clichras off and wheir a big black Halloween costume 24/7 so Harriet when you are celebrating eid make sure you dont get laid, drunk or jacked off because “alla” would put in “hellfire”

  8. you are still here? wtf man…please keep trying harder to brainwash others SMFH

  9. dirty filthy muzzrat scum remove that shite from the planet ! bring it on MUZZRAT filth ! murdering cowards, sick inbred child molesting retarded brainwashed filth ! muslim goat fucking scum !

    • WTF!!!!who the hell are u? btw loving the name ooooowe it truly broke my heart </3 NOT!!! quit wasting your time..your words mean nothing to me jerk..btw was i replying to u? NO NO so leave me the fuck alone!!!!!A$$HOLE!!!!

    • BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! pathetic damn u got me a migraine smfh

  10. No Muslim male would’ve passed up either of these two situations:
    Growing up, I had an older sister who won beauty contests. “Maria” was an incredibly gorgeous, blue-eyed blonde. Yet it never once crossed my mind to have sex with her, even if she’d been willing, which was never the case. As Christians – trust me – incest with her brother never once occurred to my sister, either. In fact, the very idea of it would’ve disgusted us both.
    Moreover, when I was single and thirty-something, a very, very hot neighbor lady, age eighteen, happened to be passing by my open apartment door. This lady, “Chrissy”, asked if she could come in to share viewing the show that I was watching. Naturally, I agreed. Chrissy came in, closed the door, and cuddled much closer to me than I expected, which turned us both on incredibly. In no time at all, we began kissing. Then came the bombshell. Two bombshells, actually.
    Chrissy ‘fessed up that she was a virgin, that she really, *really* liked me, and then literally *begged* me to be her first time. Second bombshell? Chrissy ‘fessed that she wasn’t eighteen after all. In fact, she was about three weeks shy of her fifteenth birthday.
    Prison stripes? No, thank you. Not my style… .
    Fortunately, nothing beyond kissing had occurred yet. Despite her continuing pleas to deflower her, I promptly told her to leave my apartment and explained why she had to, which she did.
    Unlike any other civilized nations on Earth, I do get it that Muslim societies actually look the other way regarding incest. They more greatly still encourage statutory rape, because their con-artist, perverted founder, Muhammad, liked diddling with six-to-nine-year-old girls. Western girls and boys whose sex lives begin at fourteen or younger, however, wind up having some of the most screwed-up minds imaginable, and I wanted no part whatsoever in starting Chrissy down a path of degradation that would lead to multiple sex partners, teen pregnancy, and eventually, venereal diseases like genital herpes. Do you know the difference between love and herpes?
    Herpes lasts forever, just as Muhammad’s sickening sexual preferences have created a 1,500-year cesspool in which his followers gladly swim, and call such things holy.

  11. no REAL mother would kill her child to safe face! Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud is just a blood thirsty murderer but what do you get from a backward inbred community such as the one they live in.

  12. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Islam does allow abortion after rape. Why? Hell is eternal.

  13. child murders like this scumbag should be executed immediate and without being given the right to a trial! Normally I would recommend that child murderers be sentenced to life in prison so they can suffer like the worms they arr! Unfortunately, keeping Jihadists who murder their relatives or offspring alive is dangerous even when they are sentenced to life in prison! That is because even when they are in prison, Jihadists will exploit their imprisonment as an opportunity to convert other inmates to their perverted ideology! Consequently, executing such monsters is the only to prevent them from spewing their poison to other people!

  14. […] are shamed in Islamic societies (when they aren’t tried for adultery), often to the point of suicide and communal […]

  15. She is most like also a product of incestuous fornication and therefore too imbecilic to reason like a human being. What a fup nation.

  16. Muslim scum…..These idiots will destroy each other with their ancient ideas..haha …WE WILL DESTROY YOU TO MUSILM FUCKS.

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  20. […] hijab will cause you, even if you’re a bad person, to want to act nice.” Nice like her, her, her, her, and so on? Don’t make me laugh even harder. Also, how does wearing a headbag […]

  21. Muslim scum , wake up you fucking Morans , if you were any way conscious of any of the bad things Muslims have done , then yourd throw down yr towels , admit Muslims have no moral beliefs , admit they love bloodshed ,
    Admit what their doing is wrong
    Admit that they hide behind their belief
    Admit that they are pure fucking scum

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  24. Barbarians in barbaric countries, acting barbarically.

  25. is there a Muslim on this site called Harriet that just said “that’s the shittest thing Iv heard” yeah like we believe you. your just hear to spread bullshit of how good of poeple you are that might of worked in Obama’s stupid speeches.but hear people get truth. and by the way if your a Muslim and your a female then
    you are ordered by your god to cut your clichras off and wheir a big black Halloween costume 24/7 so Harriet when you are celebrating eid make sure you dont get laid, drunk or jacked off because “alla” would put in “hellfire”

  26. […] Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud – When Palestinian Muslimah Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud’s teenage daughter was raped and impregnated by two of her brothers, Qaoud began to physically abuse her. After her daughter gave birth, Qaoud gave her razors and told her to kill herself for the “shame” she had brought upon her family by being raped. When her daughter refused to kill herself, Qaoud smothered her and cut her wrists. After turning herself in, Qaoud stated: “She killed me before I killed her. I had to protect my children. This is the only way I could protect my family’s honor.” […]

  27. This is fucking sick…where’s the honor in any of this…!!??? Bad form…(not to mention karma)

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