Your Daily Muslim: Milad bin Ahmad Shah al-Ahmadzai

His beard does a poor job of covering his double chin.

His pube-beard does a poor job of covering his double chin.

Since age 19, Australian-born Muslim Milad bin Ahmad Shah al-Ahmadzai had been on the Australian equivalent of Big Brother’s watchlist for “anti-government” comments he had posted online. By “anti-government,” I’m guessing it was some sort of threat, considering al-Ahmadzai’s illustrious career of violence and disturbing the peace. Specifically, he had been labeled as being a threat to Australian soldiers. Now 23, al-Ahmadzai has racked up quite a rap sheet, ranging from robbery to hate-crime attempted murder.

In 2011, al-Ahmadzai crashed his vehicle into a building where an ATM was, allowing him to loot the machine for nearly $100,000. He had two Muslim accomplices, who were both later arrested for their involvement in another robbery. Both confessed they knew of al-Ahmadzai’s role in the assault on the ATM. al-Ahmadzai was taken into custody and held for 13 months before being released on bail.

Upon his release, al-Ahmadzai, whom his accomplices had identified as a “jihadist,” was back to his usual antics of threatening the government even though he was still under surveillance. This time, it was by means of a phone call to a member of the Joint Counter-Terrorism Team. During the call, the married al-Ahmadzai, who was totally concerned with maintaining his freedom to take care of his wife, threatened to “slit the throat” and “crack the neck” of the counter-terrorism officer. The dumb Muslim didn’t even think that making death threats, a common Islamic pastime, is illegal in non-Islamic countries. “Come near my family again, I’m gonna slit your throat, you pig,” al-Ahmadzai told the officer. The Muslim was denied bail, but it didn’t matter – as it turns out, he had already perpetrated his most horrific act of jihad, unbeknownst to Australian authorities at the time.

After spending hours meticulously going through the Qur’an and Hadith, al-Ahmadzai felt inspired by the words of none other than the poprhet Muhammad, pigs be upon him, himself. Specifically, the passage in the Hadith in which Muhammad is talking about gay sex: “kill the doer and the one to whom it is done.” Seeing an LGBT establishment that had piqued his curiosity for some time, al-Ahmadzai contacted one of his Muslim friends and the pair planned a jihad attack on the venue (and possibly on each other’s anuses.)

al-Ahmadzai and his accomplice (f**k buddy?) staked out an LGBT bathhouse/sex club and waited for the perfect victim to emerge. Somehow, al-Ahmadzai had gotten another gun despite his felonious background. When a haggard-looking 52-year-old man emerged from the only place a man of his appearance could get laid, the Muslims moved in. The Muslims fired numerous shots, hitting the victim in the back, foot, and groin. As quickly as the attack began, the Muslims fled, their masked faces in the security camera footage resembling those of Muslimahs wearing the niqab. The victim was left bleeding out right outside the entrance of the bathhouse. Emergency personnel arrived in time to save his life.

Thankfully, Austalian authorities identified al-Ahmadzai as one of the men involved in the bathhouse attack. He has refused to cooperate and has withheld the name of his accomplice. Now, he’ll be able to experience the pleasures of the bathhouse all he wants – he’s gonna have quite the prison sentence. Let’s see: the threatening phone call, the remainder of the time for the ATM robbery, acquisition of guns, and of course the hate-crime attempted murder. He’s going away for a long time. I’m not sure if he’ll be charged with a hate crime because only white people commit those, but let’s be honest here. What al-Ahmadzai did outside the bathhouse was an anti-LGBT hate crime, and he deserves to be charged for it.

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  1. I have a question: What benefit does this particular individual provide to Australian society and the Australian government in moving Australia as a whole forward?

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