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Your Daily Muslim: Jason Jadloski

He'd be more normal if he were what he looks like - a typical World of Warcraft nerd

He’d be more normal if he were what he looks like – a typical World of Warcraft nerd

Got a spare neckbeard? Not sure what to do with it? Why not convert to Islam and suddenly have it become part of a sacred code you must live by?! That’s exactly what American Muslim convert Jason Jadloski did. On the outside, he looks similar to a typical basement-dweller – thin, pale, with glasses and the ubiquitous, pube-like neckbeard. However, instead of trekking to the far reaches of Azeroth, nerdy-looking Jadloski spends his time banging his head on the floor and reading ancient stories of child molestation.

The majority of Jadloski’s Islamic activism takes place on Facebook. This is convenient for him so he doesn’t have to be exposed to sunlight; something Jadloski’s pallor would suggest he could be allergic to. When not posting effusive praise of Islam’s influence in the Ottoman Empire, he’s posting Qur’an verses that justify jihad. Take, for example, Qur. 3:169: “Think not of those who are slain in Allah’s way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their lord…” Yep, religion of peace, saying it’s good to be killed fighting for your religion. That totally doesn’t justify violent jihad at all.

Jadloski also likes to instigate flame wars (arguments) in groups like Stop Islamization of America, posting links about Jewish extremism to try to make it seem like Muslims aren’t the only real problem when it comes to religious aggression. However, he fails to recognize that for every violent act committed in the name of Judaism, a disproportionately-larger number are committed in the name of Islam. That’s because there’s a fundamental difference between the two religions – Judaism doesn’t reward its followers with an eternal drunken orgy for “going for the high score” and ending yourself in the process.

Jadloski is also a 9/11 truther and criticizes the mainstream media’s narrative of what happened. “How many think Israel should be in Muslim lands? I don’t hate Jews… Israel has no right to exist and there are Christians, Muslims, and Jews who can back my statement.” Jadloski criticizes western intervention in the formation of Israel as well, and thinks that the tiny Jewish state’s existence should not continue. Speaking of Muslim lands, there are tons of those, why can’t the Muslims stay in them? Why do they HAVE to spread their jihad to every corner of this earth? Why can’t they just leave Jews the f**k alone?!

In addition his anti-Semitism, Jadloski will be forever-alone for another reason: his sexism. He shared an image that said, “If [being] half-naked is to be modern, then animals are the most modern creatures on earth.” The image features a niqabi Muslimah (ringwraith) on one side, then goes through various stages of undress before devolving into an ape. Jadloski also posted a verse from the Hadith backing up this oppression of women, which stated that immodestly-dressed women would not enter paradise. Needless to say, with views like that toward women, this Muslim’s gonna be alone with his hand and his 7th-century child porn story for a long time.

For what it’s worth, Jadloski seems like a real Alex Jones-type. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts wearing tinfoil over his head like how Salafi Islamic clerics wear picnic blankets.

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