Your Daily Muslim: Hasan Küçük

Note the metrosexual attire and perfectly-groomed beard

Note the metrosexual attire and perfectly-groomed beard

Hasan Küçük (probably pronounced “cock”), a Muslim of Turkish descent who was elected to the city council of the Hague, Netherlands, has a rabid (no pun intended) hatred of man’s best friend. Why? Because Muslims hate things that are cute and cuddly. Well, maybe that too, but mainly because the teachings of Islam state that dogs are considered ritually unclean (nejis) and that Muslims shouldn’t keep them as pets. What did this elected Muslim try to do? Make everyone in the Hague live under Islamic sharia regulations by pushing to ban dog ownership.

A proposal put forth before the city council to make the Hague more dog-friendly was met with immediate disgust by the devout Küçük, who felt the proposal offended his seventh-century Islamic sensibilities. Feeling pressured to provide an argument against the proposal aside from his medieval beliefs, Küçük thought up this brilliant line of reasoning on the fly. He claimed that keeping a dog inside most of the day was tantamount to “animal abuse” and thus dog ownership should be banned. Uhh, yeah, because dogs would totally rather be wandering the streets looking for scraps than be pampered and lay on someone’s lap while they watch TV. Recognizing that they needed to call Quranimal control on the rabid cur in their midst, the other council members vigorously fought against Küçük’s proposal, and shot it down.

Numerous Dutch political figures have stated that they believe Küçük’s attempt to criminalize dog ownership was an attempt to incite his fellow Muslims – who now make up 12% of the Hague, and growing – to rally for more sharia-based proposals. Hopefully the rest of the Netherlands is able to keep Islam at bay and hold on to their loving pets.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Hasan Küçük

  1. And that is one of the may reasons why I despise islam. Dogs are very observant and can spot a deviant personality. It goes to follow that mo went to pat a dog and it went him, sensing that he was not normal. So of course, like everything in islam, the answer to anything upsetting a mooslim is death. Mo proclaimed that all dogs should be put to death. Then, after someone said that was a bit harsh as some people rely on dogs to look after their flocks, mo changed his mind and said that you could not keep dogs in the house or pat then, and that all black dogs must still be killed, because black dogs are the devil. Cannot argue with that logic, can you?
    Salami to you.

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  3. I hope that when this cock dies he goes to doggy heaven

  4. Ich wuerde diesem SCHEISS MOZLEM jeden Tag Hundescheisse zum Fressen geben.

  5. I would feed this MOZLEM PIG with dog shit, every day!

  6. One doesn’t have to be moslim to be smart enough that dogs should actually live in the wild and NO LIVING BEINGS SHOULD BELONG TO OTHER LIVING BEINGS. Pet ownership is ridiculous and should be banned except for those that serve a purpose, like eating. I invite you all to visit the Hague’s neighbourood of Laak and stick your feet in the omnipresent dog poo that infests the place. Get a life, ridiculous humans, your dogs don’t need you.

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