Your Daily Muslim: Khadim Hussain

Khadim Hussain rocking some weird Islamic bling

Khadim Hussain rocking some weird Islamic bling

Something is always getting under Muslims’ skin. Whether it’s other religions’ holidays, bacon, or liquid explosives, something will always be irritating the followers of Muhammad (pigs be upon him) to their core. Khadim Hussain, president of the Bradford Council for Mosques and newly elected Lord Mayor, is one such Muslim whose panties are always in a knot. Hell, he’s probably gonna get pissed if he reads this because I just used a colloquial expression that refers to him as a panty-wearer. What are some of the things Hussain has gotten pissed about? Israel, the English Defence League (EDL), and bingo.

Hussain signed a petition asking the British prime minister to lift the blockade of Gaza. The petition included some very harsh language against Israel, saying that Palestinians were “refugees in their own country.” Uhh, with the way they behave, they seem more like squatters living on someone else’s property. In addition, the petition claims Israel’s blockade is in violation of internal law. If it were, I’m sure the Israelis would have figured that out by now and remedied the situation.

“Muslims feel scared and it is completely understandable,” Hussain said, following the backlash felt against Muslims after two jihadis beheaded soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich. “We should not label hold to ransom the entire faith or community for the act of few evil minded criminals, who have no faith and no boundaries.” Uhh, it’s FAITH that motivated the crime, of course we should hold the teachings of the faith accountable and scrutinize them accordingly, especially if those teachings are causing people to start cutting off each other’s heads. Those jihadis had absolutely the opposite of zero faith – they threw away the rest of their lives on the premise that Allah would reward them. Hussain continued, trying to mislead infidels with phony talk of tolerance: “Some people may think that [the] EDL is only targeting Muslims and, they therefore should not get involved. [The] EDL is against everyone who does not fit into their misguided and false definition of what constitutes Britishness. This time it’s Muslim; next time it will be someone else.” Uhh, the EDL’s goal is to protect Britain from Islamic cultural traditions such as misogyny, child marriage, and jihad. It’s not to determine what is or isn’t British; it’s to preserve modern values and keep the UK from backsliding into the 7th century.

When a bingo center named Mecca Bingo, a name the company had used since 1884, opened in Bradford, it was met with a sour reaction by Hussain. Seeing a prime grievance-mongering opportunity that would certainly pull at liberals’ bleeding heartstrings, Hussain claimed the name was offensive to Muslims because any link between the holy city of Mecca and “gambling” was deeply offensive to Muslims. How did other local Muslims react to the bingo center? Peacefully, of course, by smashing its windows with bricks. After the vandalism, the center agreed to change its century-old name to appease the rabid Quranimals. And thus the kowtowing and concession to sharia begins… anyway, speaking of bingo, here’s Angry Muslim Bingo, a game played when arguing with a Muslim:

Angry Muslim Bingo

Angry Muslim Bingo

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