Your Daily Muslim: Mahmoud Yousef Hindi (Part 2)

Mahmoud Yousef Hindi

Mahmoud Yousef Hindi

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Muslim Mahmoud Yousef Hindi was apprehended after his brief shooting rampage at a local homeowner’s association meeting, where he fatally shot two. Hindi was outraged that the association took issue with his fence plans, and after sending them deranged letters filled with Qur’an verses, decided to shoot a couple people since apparently that solves all problems. The peace of Islam shone brightest during those brief moments.

Behind bars, Hindi wasn’t having a good time. The unrepentant Muslim was neither particularly popular nor friendly and realized his life really wouldn’t ever get better, especially considering he could face the death penalty if convicted. It is unknown whether or not the Kentucky prison in which he resided served him halal food. Regardless, he attacked security personnel in March, resulting in him being briefly hospitalized. He also earned himself additional charges of assault and terroristic threatening for throwing water at a security officer and threatening to kill him. Realizing he wouldn’t be able to kill again in prison since most of the other inmates were younger and stronger, he turned to the one possible victim he could take his murderous impulses out on: himself.

On October 20, 2013, Hindi bent over for Allah to seek guidance and ask for the blessing of 72 virgins. He then hanged himself in his cell with a bedsheet. Considering his history of violence, it is quite possible he saw his death as one way to get to jannat al-firdaus (Islamic heaven), and perhaps viewed his act of cowardice as an heroic act of martyrdom. Regardless, he’s dead and won’t harm anybody else.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mahmoud Yousef Hindi (Part 2)

  1. One down, one billion to go.

  2. He probably realized pretty much every meal he was eating in the KY prison WAS PORK and they didn’t care if it offended his dietary issues or not. See he can’t go to heaven no matter what now. Yeah PIGS! You got one back!

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