Your Daily Muslim: Fathima Suleman Ismail



South African Muslimah Fathima Suleman Ismail is a world-class whiner. Instead of trying to debate and engage in civil discussion, she angrily whines and demands censorship of all things that insult and/or oppose her Islamic worldview. She even asked her imaginary friend Allah to “torture” people who insult him. If Allah gave two shits about being insulted, wouldn’t he, as an allegedly all-powerful being, do something about it?

Ismail created a page complaining about the Allah Sucks counterjihad Facebook page called “Every Muslim report the page ‘Allah Sucks’.” Report jihad, a practice where Muslims mass report content on Facebook that irritates their thin skin, happens to counterjihad pages all the time, resulting in mass deletions on a frequent basis. On her page, Ismail wrote (I’m not gonna change her grammar or spelling to show her for the idiot she is): “Only low lyf dogs dat r jealous of islam will do things like dis dey shud b punished for things like dis . . . Plz brothers n sisters in islam help report dis page . . . ” Yet again, a Muslim using “dogs” as an insult since Islam thinks the lovable balls of fuzz are ritually unclean (nejis.) Speaking of dogs, Ismail’s much more of a whiny “female dog” than any infidel. The page’s description shows exactly how mad she is: “asalamualaykum brothers n sisters in islam we must make it our buissness to block this anti islam organasation make it compulsury upon ur self to report these ignorant kafirz May allah torture them in hell.” Wow, asking Allah to torture infidels in hell and calling them “ignorant kafir[s]” – how peaceful!

On Christianity, Ismail had the following brilliant thoughts: “how can jesus be god and how can god die god is eternal how can god eat fish and bread how can he go toillet…” She clearly hasn’t studied Christianity in the slightest. Her assumption that all counterjihadists are Christians is fairly typical of Muslims, though some Muslims accuse infidels of being Jews, Hindus, or whichever other religious group they hate most.

In addition to rallying support for censoring Allah Sucks, Ismail also wants Google to censor cartoons of Muhammad, pigs be upon him. Instead of promoting free expression, we can clearly see here how Islam seeks to stifle and suppress it. The freedom in Islam is the freedom to conform or be punished. Ismail also signed a petition called “save Palestinian children” which is full of links that contain anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Fathima Suleman Ismail

  1. For heaven’s sake! who would be jealous of not being affected by this mental disease known as islam? if there is one, she/he must be insane, must be a psychopath….it (this thing) is the one that deserves being tortured for having human excrement instead of brains in its head.

    And it is uglier than Notre dame hunchback’s ass…kill this genetically defective thing (it doesn’t deserve being considered a woman) with fire, before it breeds more lunatic terrorists, more hateful beings!

    Damn asshole!..God can do those things if he wants to because He is omnipotent and has own will. He is not an impotent sock puppet like allah shaped by those muslims’ thoughts.Those muslims are arrogant morons who dare to define what God can or want to do and what He Cannot or doesn’t want to do. You can see how much they respect their sock-puppet god.

  2. Another day another muzzlim qunt

  3. Parsites

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