Your Daily Muslim: Naida Asiyalova

She looks braindead and/or high out of her mind

She looks braindead and/or high out of her mind

You know your marriage is doomed when your husband tells you to kill yourself. You know you’re doomed when you think his suggestion is reasonable. That’s exactly the point Dagestani (Russian) Muslimah Naida Asiyalova’s marriage had gotten to. Her husband, Dmitry Sokolov, is believed to be the leader of a group of anti-government jihadis. Sokolov is also reportedly an explosives expert. Instead of simply getting a divorce from Asiyalova if he didn’t want to see her again, Sokolov decided to put her to use in what had become his jihad. Of course, being a fanatical Muslim, she was more than happy to spill her guts (literally) for Allah.

Instead of the typical love jihad story where a Muslim charms a non-Muslim girl into falling for him before cornering her into an abusive marriage, the opposite happened here: Asiyalova brought Sokolov into militant Islam after meeting him on a dating site. She helped teach him the Qur’an and helped convince him to take the Arabic name of Abdul Jabbar. The couple that prays together, stays together, or some crap like that, I suppose. Fast forward a few years, and Sokolov has risen quickly through the ranks of the local mujahideen, many of whom he was introduced to by Asiyalova. The north Caucasus, particularly Dagestan and Chechnya, are plagued with jihadi vermin. Anti-government and anti-infidel violence is frequent.

Though she had a ticket for Moscow, Asiyalova was really looking forward to meeting Allah. Armed with a suicide belt her husband made for her (aww, how sweet), she just couldn’t keep her guts in any longer, and decided to splatter them across the inside of a bus in Volgograd. Six were killed in the blast, and more than thirty were injured. Numerous children were among those injured and killed in the blast, since the bus had many children on it. To a jihadi Muslim, however, killing children is acceptable since they are infidels (kuffar) and the killing of kuffar is sanctioned by Islam.

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  2. What a way to get rid of way

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    What away to get rid of your wife

  4. She looks depressed and was probably never loved. It probably started out as a way for both of them to have sex and then he wanted to be rid of her and a lot of innocent people died and the survivors will never get over what they saw that day. Cruel, horrible, evil people. There is no other world for them, it’s another lie.

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