Your Daily Muslim: Mohammad Khan Sherani

He belongs in a dementia ward, not behind a podium.

He belongs in a dementia ward, not behind a podium.

Islamic scholar Maulana Mohammad Khan Sherani’s mind is a relic of the seventh century, and from the looks of him, he’s probably lived that long. He is known for being an intellectual and an agriculturist. However, any westerner would dispute his status as an intellectual. Currently serving as chairman of Pakistan’s Council on Islamic Ideology, Sherani decided that rape cases needed to be tried the old-fashioned way, and that DNA evidence would probably implicate too many of his posse who liked to occasionally get their rape on.

“The DNA test is not acceptable as primary evidence in rape cases, but it could be considered as supporting evidence,” Sherani stated, regarding a ruling from the Council that prevents DNA from being used as primary evidence to prove rape. Uhh, DNA is the most concrete proof of rape out there, as solid as video footage. To dismiss or marginalize its importance is ludicrous.

Sherani’s motive for trying to suppress the admission of DNA evidence in court is likely tied to his sexist beliefs. In 2006, he fought against the Women’s Protection Act of 2006, claiming it violated Islamic sharia principles. He added that Islam has procedures in place for determining guilt in rape cases. Let’s see what those procedures are… oh yeah, a rape victim has to find four devout Muslim male witnesses who will testify on her behalf. If one of those men turned on her and claimed she had consented, she would instead be punished for adultery by either lashing or death. Tons of rapes likely go unreported in the Islamic world out of victims’ fear and their inability to report the crime.

Sherani has also spoken in favor of Pakistan’s harsh anti-blasphemy laws, which are often manipulated to punish religious minorities such as Christians. I wonder if the old man even knows what century it is, and that stoning people to death is a practice that should’ve died out centuries ago.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mohammad Khan Sherani

  1. Hmmmm….well, after all, even though Mo Hammed invented (child) rape, he didn’t invent DNA tests, so can they really exist?

  2. What DNA would do is prove most of the men *all* brought up on charges and swearing on the Koran they aren’t rapists, are in fact guilty. Which would prove that they are a culture of rape and violence living under the facade of being religious. You can’t have the truth come out and make everyone look bad, so lash the victim to death for being violated, she’s only as valuable as a broken plate.

  3. Aoa.chairman sb. Mera talaq kay baray may sawal hay. 24 Sal how gay shadi ko. 4 bachay hay. Bevi (wife )nay 2008 say husbands say intercourse say enkaar thee.roz husband aur ous kay ghagra hota.2010 eak talaq dee kay haq zojeet pora ni karti ho. Lakin foron intercourse howa time to time. 2011.12 may esy tary howa .foron intercourse wife nay Kia. 2014 say pher enkar aur gagra. May 2016 seconds week say pher ousy tary howa. Aur husband nay lekh Kar ek talaq kay dree kay ager ni haq pora Karo gi to Doon ga. Aur wield nay khaa do. Lakin husband nay teen family ko bolaya kay hamra masla hal karo .abi bahat shoroo hoi he thee kay wife bori ghalliyin aur talaq doo.talaq do rata lega deya husband aur wife ghagra ho gay .husband nay bohst he ghusa mayay kar 8 dafa say zayed talaq de talaq dee. Kia talaq .es kay bayd jab sab nay samjaya too paras Han ha gay doona. Dosray roz oun kay razinama ho gay .intercourse be doo dafa Kia. Ab skat parashan hain. Kia talaq ho hi . (Ed dafa be ek Maa pora ni howa. Na he monthly period gozra. Please mojay Allah aur pus Kas rasool Kay hokam aur hadees Kay Hawa say mera Ghar becha dyin .ham a ko daywa daytay rayin gay. Kia Tala how gi yah hama bach gaya my ah taba ho gay

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